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I. About the Institute

The atmospheric science program at Nanjing University, founded in 1924, is one of the earliest atmospheric sciences disciplines established in China. Meteorology and atmospheric sciences in SAS are the national key discipline and the national double first-class discipline respectively, and SAS has ranked among the best Chinese meteorology departments in various discipline assessments and rankings. At present, the school has a high-level research team, including 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and about 30 winners of various national-level talent programs.

SAS focuses on international scientific frontiers and serves grand national  needs, and has actively engaged in high-level scientific research and top-notch talents cultivation. It is home to the Key Laboratory for Mesoscale Severe Weather of Ministry of Education (LMSWE), the Joint International Research Laboratory of Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences (JirLATEST), the Jiangsu Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for Climate Change, China Meteorological Administration Key Laboratory for Climate Prediction Studies, China Meteorological Administration Radar Meteorology Key Laboratory, and the Station for Observing Regional Processes of the Earth System (SORPES). SAS has established long-term partnerships with world-class universities and institutes, and has enjoyed international reputation.

II. Description of Openings

The School of Atmospheric Sciences at Nanjing University now has several (up to 3) tenure-track associate/assistant professor positions open. Areas of specific interests include:

(1) Boundary layer and urban meteorology;

(2) Greenhouse gas measurements and modeling;

(3) Cloud physics and radiation;

(4) Climate dynamics and climate system;

(5) Atmospheric and earth system model development;

(6) Impact, adaptation and mitigation of climate change;

(7) Dynamics, thermodynamics and physical processes for severe weather;

(8) Artificial intelligence and big data for meteorology.


III. Conditions for Application

(1) Compliance with law and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, devoted to teaching and research.

(2) Good professional ethics, no criminal record, and no record of violating teaching ethics and academic ethics.

(3) Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences or related disciplines, with study and working experience in first-class research institutions with a track record of academic excellence. For tenure-track assistant professors, at least two years of research experiences after PhD graduation; for tenure-track associate professors, at least four years of research experiences after PhD graduation.

(4) Excellent teaching abilities, competent in the core basic courses and cutting-edging courses, mastering good teaching methods, and strong oral communication skills.

(5) Scientific achievements and potential for future career development: systematic accumulation of research experiences in relevant research disciplines, and a track record of innovation research with international impact; a clear vision for future research and great academic potential.


IV. Supporting Materials for Application

(1) Application letter (with clear declaration of research interests and specific position);

(2) Curriculum Vitae (including a list of publication);

(3) Major research achievements and their novelty;

(4) Research plan;

(5) Three recommendation letters (referees including the PhD supervisor and postdoctoral supervisor);

(6) Teaching statement.

Please login to the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University (http://zp.nju.edu.cn/) to submit the application materials required.


V. Compensation Package and Support

A successful applicant will be provided with:

(1) Competitive Annual Salary;

(2) Start-up funding for scientific research;

(3) Qualification for graduate enrollment;

(4) Turnover apartment, housing subsidies, and eligible for purchasing commercial apartments provided by the university under considerable discount;

(5) Assistance in children enrollment in primary and secondary schools.


VI. Application Deadline

Application deadline: November 30, 2023

The application period will be extended appropriately if the number of the applicants for single postition is relatively small.


VII. Contact Details

Tel.: 86-25-89681170 (Mr. Wang)

Email: njuas@nju.edu.cn 

Website: http://as.nju.edu.cn

Please login to the talent recruitment platform of Nanjing University (http://zp.nju.edu.cn/) to submit the application materials required.

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