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Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence (THBI) and Tomorrow Advancing Life (TAL) Foundation offer postdoctoral fellowships in brain science, cognition, and education. Research focus includes the impact of interactive technologies on education and the interface between technology, cognition, and education.  

THBI is a newly-established interdisciplinary research institute within Tsinghua University. The institute aims to conduct cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in the areas of brain sciences, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. Research at THBI integrates basic fundamental research with advanced-technology applications. THBI provides an English-speaking working environment and state-of-the-art research facilities, including a nonhuman primate center, a neuro-imaging center, a high-performance computing center, a social interaction research center, a neuro-technology development center, and a child cognition center (laboratory for infants and toddlers).  Postdoctoral scholars are expected to take full advantage of THBI’s interdisplinary research environment and to cooperate with the business community and industry to develop research-based industrial applications.

Outstanding young scientists from all disciplines who are passionate about brain science and educational research are encouraged to apply.  We offer internationally competitive salaries and excellent research and living environments. 

Application Process

1.Applicants should first contact potential supervisors (listed below) for interview.

2.Once admitted by a PI, applicants should:

2.1.Submit an application through Tsinghua University postdoctoral application procedure (see for more details).

2.2.Submit the following materials by email to 

1) Resume

2) A list of representative publications

3) A research statement containing current and future research plan

The following professors are available to supervise TAL postdocs.


1. Annual salary is between RMB 250,000 to 300,000.

2. Postdoctoral fellows will be provided with transitional housing on the campus or provided with housing subsidies of 42,000 RMB per year, state-funded housing subsidies of 1,2000 RMB per year, as well as subsidies for property management and heating. 

3. Postdoctoral Fellows receive the same school (kindergarten and primary school)-admission benefits as Tsinghua faculty.

4. Postdoctoral Fellows receive the same medical benefits as Tsinghua faculty. Foreigners can also participate in a family group medical insurance policy offered by the university.

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