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Guangzhou Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) is located at the southern foot of the Mafeng Mountain Scenic Area in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, and is a full-time undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education.

The institute was formerly known as the private Tianhe Vocational College, which was founded in December 2000 with the approval of the provincial people’s government. It was renamed as Tianhe College of Guangdong Vocational and Technical Teachers’ College in May 2001 with the approval of the Department of Education, turned into an independent college in April 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, passed the evaluation of bachelor’s degree in December 2011, changed its name to Tianhe College of Guangdong Technical Teachers’ University in December 2018 with the consent of the Ministry of Education, and became an independent general undergraduate college on June 30, 2020 with the consent of the Ministry of Education.

The institute has 11 secondary colleges, including electrical and electronic engineering, electromechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, construction engineering, business administration, economic management, foreign language, art, Marxism (general education), international education and continuing education, and 3 industrial colleges, including ZTE Communication Engineering, Blue Shield Cyberspace Security and Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics, with 43 undergraduate majors, including 21 engineering majors, and more than 13,000 full-time There are more than 13,000 students in school. There are more than 630 faculty members, including more than 530 full-time teachers, more than 160 teachers with associate senior titles and above, and a group of experts, doctors, returnee scholars, dual-teacher teachers and special experts from enterprises.

The institute insists on taking the road of school-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration to cultivate talents, deepens the reform of talent training mode, and implements the innovation and quality project. There are 2 key disciplines in Guangdong Province, 1 provincial first-class major, 78 provincial quality projects, 65 provincial scientific research projects, and 70 industry-education collaborative education projects of the Ministry of Education. Among the provincial quality projects, there are 4 provincial specialties, 6 provincial comprehensive reform pilot projects, 2 provincial model majors for training applied talents, 3 provincial experimental zones for innovation of talent training mode, 2 provincial model bases for training applied talents, 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 6 provincial practical teaching bases for college students, 2 provincial excellence training programs, 3 provincial teaching teams and 1 provincial-level applied talent training course construction project, 1 provincial-level first-class course, 1 provincial-level golden course, 1 provincial-level high-quality video open course, 1 provincial-level high-quality resource sharing course, 2 provincial-level online open courses, 1 provincial-level high-quality textbook, and 1 provincial-level industrial college. The university has built 140 on-campus laboratories, 118 on-campus and off-campus practical teaching bases, and teaching and research instruments and equipment worth 120 million yuan. Adhering to open schooling, expanding international education cooperation, and achieving cooperation and exchange with 23 foreign universities. We have established the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, built the Capitol Valley, and promoted dual-creation education and academic competitions. In the past five years, students won more than 280 national awards and more than 800 provincial awards. 2019 men’s soccer team won the sixth place in the National University Football League finals and the second place in the provincial soccer league. The school won the second prize of provincial teaching achievements in 2019 and was selected as a provincial elegant art unit in campus.

The institute insists on the combination of industry, university and research, integration of science and education, highlighting applied research, school-based research and collaborative innovation, and promoting the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. There is one provincial engineering technology research center, one Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation BIM engineering technology center, and 58 academic teams of teaching and research with teachers’ workshops as the carrier. In recent years, more than 130 projects at provincial level and above, more than 200 horizontal projects, 1500 papers published by teachers, 110 monographs and textbooks. We have intensified our applied research efforts and focused on promoting the scientific and technological development and transformation of new technologies and new products and processes. 2019 was awarded the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Pilot School project. Teachers and students were granted 213 patents, including 8 invention patents, 14 software copyrights; 14 high-tech products were recognized, 7 scientific and technological achievements were transferred, 3 of which were industrialized, and more than 500 sets of industrial robot integration and application products were produced and sold to more than 20 secondary and higher vocational institutions in 12 provinces and cities, achieving an output value of more than 50 million yuan.

The institute insists on ruling the school strictly according to the law, implements the management system of large ministries, actively implements the “three whole education”, steadily improves the quality of education and teaching, and has a good social reputation. The admission rate is 100% in 15 provinces and regions in China, and the admission rate of the first volunteer in 2020 is 100%, with 20 and 24 points above the provincial line in arts and science. In the past five years, the final employment rate has remained above 97% continuously, ranking steadily high in the province. It has trained 46,000 high-quality applied professionals and has been awarded as the advanced unit of provincial employment work and advanced unit of entrepreneurship work for many years.

The institute is built on a mountain and has an elegant environment. It is 200 meters away from the exit of Guanghe Expressway, 4 special bus lines directly to the city, complete sports facilities, perfect logistical support, and community-based management for students, making it an ideal campus for young students to pursue further studies.

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