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The Hospitality Institute of Sanya is located in Haitang Bay, Sanya City, Hainan Province, which enjoys the reputation of “National Coast”. It is surrounded by mountains, lakes and the sea, and is adjacent to Sanya International Duty Free City and Haitang Bay International Hotel Industry Zone, so it has a unique geographical advantage. The college is planned to cover an area of 362 mu, with a total construction area of 140,000 square meters. The hotel-style buildings are simple, elegant and unique, and the overall design combines youthful hormones with tranquil natural scenery to meet the demand of “immersive education experience” of Lausanne Hotel Management College.

The university’s disciplines are focused on the pan-services sector with distinctive features. At present, the school offers fourteen majors in three categories: hotel management, tourism management, and economics and management, all of which are in short supply in the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island and related fields nationwide.

The university is built by the central enterprise China Communications Construction with a cost of 1.4 billion yuan. China Jiaotong builds on the national strategy of the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island, fulfills the social responsibility of the central enterprise, and actively undertakes the important task of training and delivering practical talents for the society, providing talent support for the construction of the demonstration province of all-area tourism, and providing comprehensive protection for students’ employment. In October 2018, Sanya Zhongrue successfully passed the academic certification of the Swiss Institute of Hotel Management Lausanne, which is the only one of the higher vocational colleges and universities in China to pass the academic certification of the Swiss Institute of Hotel Management Lausanne and become the 10th academically certified university of the Swiss Institute of Hotel Management Lausanne in the world. Lausanne Institute of Hotel Management was founded in 1893 and is ranked first in the world among hotel management institutions.

Hospitality Institute of Sanya is under the overall management of Beijing Sino-Swiss Institute of Hotel Management, which has become a model of undergraduate education of applied hotel management in China. It has formed a unique “Sino-Swiss model” of talent cultivation for hotel management in China in terms of actual curriculum, self-developed teaching materials, combined practical and theoretical faculty and unique campus culture, which is known as the “Whampoa Military Academy” for cultivating Chinese hotel management talents in the hotel industry.


Faculty Strength

Sanya Zhongrue insists on people-oriented, and the construction of faculty is always in the strategic position of priority development of the college, and takes various practical measures to devote to the optimization of the structure of the faculty and the improvement of the overall quality. There are not only professors with rigorous academic attainments, but also many young teachers with innovative and energetic spirit. The most distinctive feature is that a number of senior hotel industry professionals have been invited to teach in our college, which is the highlight of the teaching mode that places equal emphasis on practice and theory.


Cultural Tradition

The Hospitality Institute of Sanya adheres to the school motto of “knowledge and practice, learning and application”, pursues the core values of “respect, professionalism and responsibility”, practices the school philosophy of “educating people and teaching” and the education system of cultivation. We are actively exploring the talent cultivation model that can adapt to the economic and social development. Such students will not only be able to manage the hotel and pan-services industry, but also have a great advantage in various industries in the future.


Cooperation and Exchange

The Hospitality Institute of Sanya actively explores the mechanism of integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation and engineering combination, and attaches importance to external exchanges and cooperation. The college has built the supporting teaching hotel – Sanya Haitang Luhu Resort and Spa according to the international four-star resort hotel standard to build a real vocational learning environment for students. At present, the college has established school-enterprise cooperation with 72 five-star hotels, 8 Michelin restaurants, 3 international cruise lines and 3 theme parks at home and abroad. We have established “brand classes” with Atlantis, Marriott, Hilton, MGM and Shangri-La to train professional talents.


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Sanya, Hainan, China

No. 108, Wanpo Road, Haitang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province

Department in charge
Department of Education of Hainan Province

Current leadership
Dean: Fang Huaijun

School Motto
Unity of knowledge and practice, application of learning

Institution Type

Institution Attributes
Full-time college of higher education

Hotel Management, International Cruise Ship Crew Management, Western Cuisine Craft, 
Tourism Management, Air Crew, Financial Management, Accounting, 
Human Resource Management, etc.

Private higher specialized college

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