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Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology is located in Zhanjiang, a beautiful port city at the southernmost tip of mainland China, and is a full-time general undergraduate university. The university was founded in 1999 by Guangdong Ocean University in cooperation with Zhanjiang Cunjin Education Group, approved by the Ministry of Education as an independent college in 2006, and approved by the Ministry of Education to be converted into an independent private general undergraduate university in 2021.

After more than 20 years of construction and development, the school has become the largest private undergraduate university in western Guangdong with significant regional influence and distinctive schooling characteristics, and has been awarded the honorary titles of “Outstanding Contribution to Private Education in Guangdong Province”, “Chinese Cultural Heritage Base” and “Zhanjiang City Garden Unit”.

School management idea and goal
Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology has stood on a new starting point, and the school is in a new historical position of implementing a new concept of high-quality development, entering a new stage of connotative development and forming a new pattern of high-level development.

New ideas of school management in the new era: the school has established the idea of “quality school, talent school, strong school, service school, cultural school”, and insists on the basic strategy of “to meet the needs of the land, build according to the land, use for the land, develop because of the land, be entrusted by the land, and follow the trend “The basic strategy is to further strengthen the central position of talent cultivation, the leading position of professional construction, the guarantee position of teaching conditions, the key position of faculty team, the core position of party building work, and the basic position of governing the school according to regulations, to calmly and quietly grasp the basic construction of teaching, to actively and steadily promote teaching reform, to strictly regulate teaching management, and to concentrate on improving the cultivation of talents. Quality.

The new strategy for the development of the university in the new era: the new scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes are reshaping the global innovation map, reshaping the structure of the world economy, and rebuilding the way of life of human production; the East and West cultures are intermingling, intersecting and intertwining, and the world is witnessing a great change unprecedented in a century. The university has taken the initiative to respond to the new round of technological revolution and industrial change, consciously practiced the new mission of philosophical and social science development, actively grasped the profound changes of production and life style in the era of digital economy, and determined the innovative development of “New Engineering”, active development of “New Liberal Arts” and “New Business”. The development strategy of “New Engineering”, “New Liberal Arts” and “New Business” has been set.

The new goal for the development of the school in the new era: During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, through connotation development, characteristic development and accelerated development, the school will have obvious advantages in the “new business” professional groups such as economics, finance, business administration and management science and engineering, as well as the “new business” professional groups such as mechanics, computer science and civil engineering. The school has built up a school whose development strategy is at the same pace with the development of regional economic and social undertakings, whose academic and professional structure is compatible with the leading industries of the regional economy, whose scientific and technological innovation is compatible with the technological needs of regional economic development, and whose technological innovation is compatible with the technological needs of the regional economy. The new development pattern of the university is that the development strategy of the university is in step with the development of regional economic and social undertakings, the structure of disciplines and specialties of the university is in line with the leading industries of regional economy, the scientific and technological innovation of the university is in line with the technological needs of regional economic development, and the goal of talent training of the university is in line with the requirements of professional ability of professionals needed by the region.

New positioning of school development in the new era: According to the law of construction and development of undergraduate institutions, the school has formed a new positioning of school development in five dimensions: school goal, service orientation, school type, discipline specialty and talent training goal based on the in-depth study of the development plan of regional economic and social development.

Positioning of school running goal: to build a regional, application-oriented, internationalized, high-level innovative and entrepreneurial private undergraduate institution with distinctive engineering, economics and management discipline characteristics.

Service orientation: Based in the western region of Guangdong, rooted in Guangdong, actively integrated into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and the Beibu Gulf City Cluster, actively connected to Hainan Free Trade Port, and serve the national “One Belt, One Road” construction.

Positioning of school types: Cultivate application-oriented undergraduate talents as the core and main body, and create conditions for professional degree postgraduate education; actively expand international education and moderate development of continuing education.

Positioning of academic disciplines and specialties: A multidisciplinary undergraduate institution with engineering, economics and management as the main subjects, literature and art as two wings, and education as an important supplement.

Positioning of talent cultivation goal: to cultivate high-quality applied and technically skilled talents with good professional ethics and social responsibility, broad basic knowledge and solid professional foundation, strong practical ability and entrepreneurial spirit, good foreign language and information technology application ability, and the distinctive characteristics of “practical work style, solid theoretical foundation and real practical ability”.

There are 13 secondary colleges, 44 teaching departments (departments/center), 14 party and government management agencies and group organizations; 4 industry industry colleges – “Huawei Information and Network Technology Industry College”, “Intelligent Finance Industry College”, “Intelligent Urban and Rural Construction Industry College”, “Binhai Intelligent Tourism Industry College”; 1 think tank – “Along the South China Sea Economic Belt Research Institute”; 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center.

Running conditions
The university has a modern university campus with two existing campuses in Mapzhang and Xinhu, covering an area of more than 2,000 mu and a building area of 700,000 square meters. The Xinhu campus was included in the key construction project of Guangdong Province in 2020, and is built according to the goal of “modernization, intelligence and academy style”, with a unique design to create a majestic academy with a blend of East and West and a beautiful lake. The layout of the campus is like a “roc spreads its wings”, expressing the vision of Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology to soar with wings and achieve leapfrog development. The campus building in Ma Zhang is colored in bright orange, symbolizing the youthful vitality of young students, and the ancient clock tower warns students to cherish time and not to waste it.

The library is composed of two libraries in Ma Zhang and Xinhu campuses, with a building area of 21,000 square meters. The library has a beautiful environment, complete functions and rich resources, and can provide teachers and students with the integration of collection, borrowing, reading and cross-campus “one pass” lending mode, which is an ideal sanctuary for teachers and students to dive into learning and investigate the truth. The library collection is rich in resources, complete in variety, reasonable in structure, and well-defined in hierarchy, with 1,865,000 paper books, 1,064,300 electronic books, more than 900 kinds of paper and Chinese newspapers and periodicals, 15 databases such as China Knowledge Network (CNKI), 1,360,000 electronic doctoral and master’s theses, and 9,441 electronic journals. The university has formed a documentary resource guarantee system with both paper and electronic resources, complementary textual and multimedia resources, and sharing with national library resources, which can provide comprehensive documentary resources and information services for students’ study and teachers’ research.

The university has promoted the construction of “New Engineering”, “New Business” and “New Liberal Arts” laboratories at a high level, and built 165 laboratories on campus, with a total construction area of over 21,000 square meters; 127 off-campus There are 127 practical teaching bases. Among them, the Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center is a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, and the financial shared services laboratory and simultaneous interpretation laboratories have advanced construction levels.


Teachers are the foundation of the school, the source of education and the basis of a strong school. The university vigorously implements the strategy of “strengthening the university with talents” and has successively launched the “Specially Appointed Professor Program”, “Cultivation Program for Discipline and Professional Leaders” and “Excellent Talents The university has launched the “Specially Appointed Professor Program”, “Cultivation Program for Discipline and Specialty Leaders” and “Excellent Talent Support Program”, and recruited and introduced high-level talents from home and abroad, forming a high-level teaching team with “high moral character, excellent practice, dedication to education and vitality”.

There are 1,100 full-time teachers in the university, including more than 300 people with associate senior titles, more than 900 people with postgraduate degrees, more than 200 people with doctoral and master’s degrees who have studied abroad; 1 expert who enjoys special government allowances, 3 national outstanding teachers, 4 provincial leading talents and academic and technical leaders, 10 outstanding teachers in Southern Guangdong, 12 provincial special teachers and teaching masters, and 3 outstanding teachers in private education. 3 outstanding teachers. A large number of excellent graduates from “double first-class” universities and leading talents from industry enterprises have come to this modern university built near the sea, carrying the dream of “educating people for the Party and the country” and exerting their youth in the vigorous Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology. The teachers are rooted in the field of apricot, dedicated to teaching, teaching and research achievements.

Talent Cultivation

The school enrolls students in 9 provinces (cities and districts) across China, and there are nearly 20,000 full-time students. More than 50,000 graduates with both virtues and talents have left the school and are working in various industries of economic and social development in Zhanjiang and inside and outside the province, which are widely recognized by the society. Students have participated in various competitions at all levels and won nearly 500 national and provincial awards in recent years, such as the first prize in the 15th China International Choral Festival, the first prize in the 5th Guangdong University Art Exhibition, and the first prize in the national finals of the 11th Blue Bridge Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Competition, winning two first prizes and two third prizes, etc., showing solid professional theoretical The graduates have won wide recognition and high praise from all walks of life for their brand image of “practical work style, solid theoretical foundation and real practical ability”.

Subjects and specialties

With engineering, economics and management as the main subjects, literature and art as the two wings, and education as an important supplement, the university offers 42 undergraduate majors, involving 6 major disciplines of economics, literature, engineering, education, management and art, with 2 key cultivation disciplines of Guangdong universities in accounting and English language and literature, and 2 Guangdong provincial specialties in musicology and gardening. There are 2 collaborative education projects of the Ministry of Education, 26 provincial teaching reform projects, and provincial quality video open courses and provincial quality resource sharing courses.

Scientific Research

In the past three years, the university has been awarded 97 provincial and municipal research projects with funding of more than 5.145 million yuan; teachers have edited 8 textbooks and participated in 5 textbooks, and published 991 academic papers, including 1 SSCI, 3 SCIE, 3 EI, 1 CPCI, 8 CSSCI (including extended version), 5 CSCD (including extended version), and 38 Chinese core journals. The authors have been granted 50 patents, and 38 of them have been listed in Chinese core journals.

International Exchange and Cooperation

As a young and energetic independent private undergraduate university, the university keeps pace with the internationalization of higher education, develops steadily while pragmatically and gradually exploring the international market, and devotes itself to building the international education brand of the university. Among the full-time faculty of the university, there are active foreign teachers from the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and so on. The university has conducted exchanges and cooperation with many universities in more than 20 countries and regions, including the UK, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and carried out more than 30 programs such as master’s degree sponsorship, dual degree, exchange and exchange students, short-term training and volunteer service. In recent years, nearly 700 students and faculty members have been sent abroad for exchange and study, sending a number of elite talents with international vision to the society, and also accepting foreign students to our university for long and short-term exchange and study.


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