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Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU) is a public provincial undergraduate university based on foreign languages and literature. The university was formerly known as Zhejiang Institute of Education (ZIE), which was founded in 1955 and started general undergraduate education in 1994. In August 2018, the university successfully passed the qualified evaluation of undergraduate teaching work by the Ministry of Education, and entered a new historical period.

The university has 13 teaching institutions and 35 undergraduate majors, including 15 foreign language majors and 13 foreign languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, German, Czech, Turkish, Polish). Five majors, including English, Elementary Education, Arabic, Translation and Tourism Management, are national first-class undergraduate major construction points; three majors, including International Business, Chinese International Education and Russian, are provincial first-class undergraduate major construction points. Five disciplines, including foreign language and literature, Chinese language and literature, applied economics, business administration and chemistry, are provincial “13th Five-Year Plan” first-class disciplines (Class B) construction projects.

The university is characterized by cultivating high-quality applied talents with national sentiment and international vision who are well-rounded in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development. In 2017, the university launched the “Young Students Learn from Young Xi Jinping” learning education, guiding students to learn, think, practice, and understand from young Xi Jinping’s unswerving ideals and beliefs, patriotism for the people, diligent learning, and hard work. The school has achieved good results by learning from young Xi Jinping the ideal faith, the patriotism for the people, the enterprising spirit, and the excellent character of hard work and hardship, and by carrying the moral cultivation through the whole process of talent training. The characteristics and quality of talent cultivation of the school have been recognized by the society. The admission ranking of college entrance examination has been improved year by year, and the percentage of students admitted to a section in the province in 2020 is 51%; in recent years, the employment rate of fresh undergraduates has been maintained at over 95%. The school has built more than 200 practical education bases. Students have participated in various national and provincial competitions and achieved many successes. Since 2010, the university has served the G20-Hangzhou Summit, the World Internet Conference, the World Swimming Championships, the United Nations World Environment Day, the 8th National Games for Persons with Disabilities, the 13th National University Games and other large-scale events, with a total of more than 10,000 volunteer services.

There are 517 full-time teachers in the university, among which 41.2% of them have associate titles or above, 56.7% have doctoral degrees, 50.9% have overseas training experience for 6 months or more, and more than 80% of teachers in foreign language disciplines have overseas study experience. There are two leading talents in philosophy and social sciences in the National “Ten Thousand People Plan”, two cultural masters and “Four Batches” of talents, one national candidate for the Hundred Million Talents Project in the New Century, and one candidate for the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Program” of the Ministry of Education. Program” of the Ministry of Education, 4 persons enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, 1 person enjoys the national “May Day Labor Medal”, 2 persons are provincial young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution, 38 persons are provincial “151 talents project”, 6 persons are provincial Zhijiang young social science scholars, 6 persons are provincial leading scholars in higher education. There are 6 scholars, 8 people in the provincial leading talents training program for colleges and universities, and more than 100 famous experts and scholars at home and abroad are employed as part-time professors for a long time.

Zhejiang International Studies University takes the responsibility of serving the local economic and social development and actively serves the construction of Zhejiang “important window”. It has 7 provincial and ministerial-level research platforms (think tanks), 2 research institutes jointly established with the Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education, and 3 international research cooperation platforms; the academic theoretical journal “Journal of Zhejiang Foreign Language Institute” is an excellent social science journal of national universities. The school is the national training program of the Ministry of Education – exemplary centralized training base, the Ministry of Education Pilot Project principal training base, Zhejiang Province teacher education key construction base, Zhejiang Province international service outsourcing talent cultivation base. The Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education has set up the Zhejiang Teacher Training Center and the Sino-German Cooperation Program Office for Teacher Training in the school, which have conducted training for more than 300,000 people since the establishment of the school. The school publishes monthly newspapers such as “Teaching Monthly (Secondary School Edition)”, “Teaching Monthly (Primary School Edition)”, “New World of Composition” and “Primary School Students’ World”.

The school attaches importance to and actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperation with more than 120 universities and institutions in more than 40 countries, with international cooperation programs covering 13 language majors, sending more than 450 students and receiving more than 200 international students annually. The university attaches importance to the international promotion of Chinese language, and has established Confucius Institute of National University of Equatorial Guinea and Confucius Institute of Antigua and Barbuda. The undergraduate program of Spanish language with the University of Zaragoza in Spain is the first Sino-foreign cooperative program of Spanish language (tourism management direction) in China.

The university is located in Xiaohe Mountain Higher Education Park, adjacent to Xixi Wetland. The campus covers an area of 555.5 mu; it has fully functional modern teaching facilities, including the provincial key experimental teaching demonstration center construction site and provincial experimental teaching demonstration center; it has built language laboratory, simultaneous interpretation laboratory, teacher education experimental teaching center, tourism management experimental center, e-commerce experimental center, virtual simulation experimental teaching center and other basic and professional experimental centers (rooms). The university library has a collection of 1,034,000 paper documents and 835 newspapers and periodicals; there are 31 databases, 683,000 e-books and 163,000 e-journals.

In January 2019, the second party congress of Zhejiang International Studies University was held, which established the general ideas and goals for the next five years and depicted a grand blueprint for development. At present, the school is striving to build a key base for internationalized talents training in Zhejiang Province, a think-tank highland for serving Zhejiang’s open and strong province, an important position for international cultural and educational exchanges in Zhejiang, and to build the school into a domestic well-known foreign language university with distinctive educational quality and unremitting efforts to serve the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, “important window” in Zhejiang, and “important window” in Zhejiang. We will strive to serve the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, the “important window” of Zhejiang, and the construction of a strong open province by reflecting ZISU’s role, making contribution and showing ZISU’s strength.


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