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Formerly as Wuhan Institute of Textile Engineering which was founded by Former Ministry of Textile Industry of PRC in 1958, Wuhan Textile University (henceforth referred to as WTU) has been developing as a regular full-time undergraduate university with multidisciplinary coordinated disciplines (including Science, Liberal Arts, Economy, Management, Arts and etc.), distinctive features and prominent advantages.

WTU adheres to the characteristic development and integration of industry and education to built itself into a domestic first-class teaching and research university rooted in the textile industry and serving the local society. At present, the university has more than 2,000 faculty members and 22,000 full-time undergraduates, postgraduates and international students. WTU has been qualified the memberships of the following projects: National Basic Ability Construction Project of Western and Central China (the initial batch), Distinguished Engineer Education and Training Program of Ministry of Education, Top Ten Celebrated Fashion Schools of China, Union of European Textile Universities, Textile Higher Education Alliance of Belt & Road Initiative (Initiator), Hubei Provincial “Double-First Class” Initiative and Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base . In addition, its Materials Science and Chemistry has been ranked in the top 1% globally by ESI. WTU .

WTU has possessed national-level and provincial-level research platforms including State Key Laboratory jointly established by the Ministry and the Province, National-local Joint Engineering Laboratory, Major Laboratory of the Ministry of Education and Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education. And it has achieved First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize of National Technological Invention and other national and provincial high-level achievements. Furthermore, WTU has attracted about 10 Academicians of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, more than 50 candidates of national talent program and 200 candidates of provincial talent program.

WTU is devoting herself to developing as a high-level university with concinnity environment, excellent spirit and distinctive characteristics, and getting respect and support not only from teachers and students, but also from the whole society. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we will provide the best treatment to recruit 100 outstanding talents; We will set up a growth and development platform to introduce and cultivate 100 academic leaders; We will formulate the most favorable policies to support 100 talents to visit and study at home and abroad. Therefore, WTU is Looking Forward to Your Joining!

Ι. Qualifications

A. Outstanding Talents

B. Leading Talents

C. Top-notch Talents/Academic Leaders

D. Backbone Talents

E. Excellent Teachers

F. Post-doctors

G. High-level Team

Candidates with Doctor’s degree and certain achievements (Exception for candidates of several special majors with outstanding achievements)

(Detailed information please check at: http://rsc.wtu.edu.cn/info/1053/3410.htm)

Ⅱ. Majors and Disciplines

1. College of Textile Science & Engineering: Textile , Materials and related majors and disciplines

Contact 027-59367695,Mr.Shang,2006063@wtu.edu.cn

2. College of Mechanical Engineering & Automation: Control Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering and related Majors and Disciplines

Contact 027-59367589,Ms.Li,jxxy@wtu.edu.cn

3. College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering, Materials and related majors and disciplinesContact  027-59367336, Mr. Zhang, fhx@wtu.edu.cn

4. College of Environmental Engineering: Environment, Civil Engineering and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367338, Mr. Wu, hjxy@wtu.edu.cn

5. College of Electronic & Electrical Engineering: Electrical, Electronic Information, Physics and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367409,Ms. Wang, dxx@wtu.edu.cn

6. College of Mathematics & Computer: Mathematics, Computer and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367297, Ms. Cui, shuji@wtu.edu.cn

7. College of Materials Science & Engineering: Materials, Textile and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367580, Mr. Ma, clxy@wtu.edu.cn

8. College of Art & Design: Art Theory, Design and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59363336,Ms.Zhu,art@wtu.edu.cn

9. College of Fashion: Fashion Design and Engineering (Textile Science and Engineering, Computer, Materials Science, etc.), Design (Fashion and Fashion Design, Clothing Industry Economy and Marketing Management, Fashion Communication, etc.) and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59363717, Ms. Liu, 2009077@wtu.edu.cn

10. College of Media: Art (Radio and TV Art, Digital Media Art, Animation, etc.) Journalism and Communication     (Network and New Media, etc.) and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59363742, Ms. Li, lxy@wtu.edu.cn

11. College of Management: Management Science and Engineering, Business Management and related majors and disciplines

Contact   027-59367318, Ms. Zheng, glxy@wtu.edu.cn

12. College of Accounting: Accounting, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367548, Mr. Lin, 2006143@wtu.edu.cn

13. College of Economics: Finance, Taxation, International Trade and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367570, Mr. Zheng, jjdw@wtu.edu.cn

14. College of Foreign Languages: Language, Literature, Culture Studies, Communication, Economics, Management (Bachelor or Master degree in Language Studies) and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367300, Mr. Liu, chliu@wtu.edu.cn

15. College of Marxism: Sinicization of Marxism, Studies on Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Sociology, Marxist theory and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59363423,Mr.Xiong, mks@wtu.edu.cn

16. Institute of Science & Technology (Key laboratory, Engineering center): Textile, Materials, Chemistry, Environment, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and related majors and disciplines

Contact  027-59367807,Mr.Hou,yjy@wtu.edu.cn

Ⅲ. Benefits and Working Conditions

(1) Housing/settling-in allowance (50 thousand to 2.5 million RMB)

(2) Start-up fund for scientific research (50 thousand to 5 million RMB)

(3) Accommodation: Teacher apartment

(4) Annual Salary (160 thousand to 0.6 million RMB) and special position allowance

(5) Spouse work, Children education, Equipment of laboratory and office etc.

Outstanding Talents, Leading Talents and High-level Team members: housing/settling-in allowance, salary, start-up fund for scientific research and other benefits will be provided according to mutual negotiation.

Top-notch Talents/ Academic Leaders

Annual salary:≥RMB 0.6 million, Housing/settling-in allowance: RMB 1 to 2.5 million,

Start-up fund for scientific research: RMB 0.2 million (liberal arts & Social Science )-0.5million (science and engineering)

Backbone Talents

Annual salary:≥RMB 0.35 Million, Housing/settling-in allowance: RMB 0.65 million,

Start-up fund for scientific research: RMB 0.1 million (liberal arts & Social Science )-0.2 million(science and engineering)

Excellent Teachers

Start-up fund for scientific research: RMB 50-100 thousand (liberal arts & Social Science )

RMB 50-150 thousand (science and engineering)

A  Annual salary: RMB 250 thousand, Housing/settling-in allowance: RMB 200-300 thousand

Annual salary: RMB 200 thousand, Housing/settling-in allowance: RMB 100-200 thousand

Annual salary: RMB 160 thousand, Housing/settling-in allowance: RMB 50 thousand


Annual salary: RMB 250 thousand, Start-up fund for scientific research: RMB 50 thousand

(Detailed information please check at: http://rsc.wtu.edu.cn/info/1053/3410.htm)

Ⅳ. Application

Apply at:

http://rszp.wtu.edu.cn/rsfw/sys/zpglxt/extranet/index.do#/home with personal CV and other certification and documents, including degree certificate, publications, Project/ Fund document, patent applications etc.

Address: Wuhan Textile University, NO. 1 Sunshine Avenue, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Zip code:430200

WTU homepage:http://www.wtu.edu.cn/

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