Wuhan University Postdoctoral Excellence Programme 2023 Global Recruitment Announcement (Second and third batches)

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In order to attract outstanding young talents to conduct research at Wuhan University, and to support and nurture young talents with development and innovation potential to pursue academic excellence and reach the peak of science and technology, the university has established the “Postdoctoral Excellence Programme”. The second and third batches of the application and selection process for the Postdoctoral Excellence Programme of Wuhan University in 2023 are now underway. We sincerely welcome applications from young talents who are dedicated to academics and ambitious in pioneering work.

a. Remuneration and benefits package

  1. Remuneration: The general annual salary provided by the university is RMB 300,000 (before tax). The annual salary of outstanding applicants with a particularly strong track record is RMB 400,000. Additional funding may be granted by the host department and co-supervisor based on the applicant’s overall merits.
  1. Benefits package: Provident fund, pension insurance, occupational pension, housing allowance or postdoctoral apartment will be provided, together with access to children’s schooling, medical treatment, etc.
  2. Career development channel: According to the relevant regulations of the university, participants in this program can apply for an associate professor position during their placement. In line with the university’s policy on the introduction of talents and meeting the exit requirements, participants may apply for a university teaching position.

b. Application requirements

  1. Have good ideological and political qualities and professional ethics, high teaching ethics, rigorous scientific attitude, dedication to the work, and good health.
  2. Have obtained their Ph.D. degree within the last three years, or the basic requirements for defending a doctoral thesis have been met at the time of declaration.
  3. Applicants shall be under 35 years of age, with an excellent academic record and strong academic potential.
  4. A research team has been tentatively selected and a preliminary research plan has been formed in consultation with the team leader.

Additional Information:

  1. Applicants who have received funding from the National Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Programme can be directly selected for the Postdoctoral Excellence Programme of Wuhan University upon the recommendation of their department.
  2. Those whose postdoctoral contract is due to end within six months before the application deadline may also apply in the relevant selection round.

c. Selection procedure

Applicants should submit application materials to the relevant department, and each department will select and recommend applicants based on their educational background, academic level, scientific research ability, the innovation of the proposed research content and the standing of their disciplinary fields. The Human Resources Department organizes experts to carry out the evaluation and submits them to the university for approval. The final selection list is determined after the approval results are publicized and no objections have been received.

d. Application materials

  1. One paper copy of the “Application Form for the Postdoctoral Excellence Programme of Wuhan University”.
  2. Supporting materials:

(1) Identity documents: Valid ID card (a copy of the passport biographical page is required for foreigners); doctoral degree certificate and graduation certificate (fresh doctoral graduates must provide proof of meeting the requirements for doctoral graduation, and applicants whose academic degrees have been obtained abroad must provide the Certificate of Foreign Academic Degrees issued by the Center for Study Abroad of the Ministry of Education).

(2) Academic and scientific research achievements: articles, monographs, patents or awards, scientific research projects, etc., which represent the applicant’s academic and scientific research level. Among them, the full text of the thesis (additional proof of acceptance of the thesis if unpublished) and proof of inclusion and search, cover, table of contents and abstract of monograph, certificate of patent or award, and relevant supporting documents for scientific research projects should be provided.

(3) Three letters of recommendation from experts, including the Ph.D. supervisor are required (there is no restriction on referees for postdocs in residence).

Electronic copies of the above declaration materials should be scanned into one PDF file (file size should not exceed 50M) and sent to the contact person of the nominating department.

e. Timetable for 2023

  1. Second batch of nominations and selections

Application deadline for individuals: Before August 15

Submission deadline for departments: Before August 31

Publication of the university’s results: September

  1. Third batch of nominations and selections

Application deadline for individuals: Before September 30

Submission deadline for department: Before October 31

Publication of the university’s results: December

f. Relevant notes

  1. Selected candidates who have not submitted their doctoral degree certificates at the time of application will be required to show their degree certificates for verification when they come to Wuhan University. If they do not obtain a doctoral degree, their selection will be cancelled.
  2. Wuhan University will issue a notification letter for the selected candidates to enter the “Postdoctoral Excellence Programme” of Wuhan University, and the selected candidates must come to the university for postdoctoral entry procedures in line with the requirements stated on the notification letter.
  3. The candidate must work as a postdoctoral researcher full-time after entering the Postdoctoral Research Station at Wuhan University.

g. Contact information

Contact person in the Postdoctoral Management Office, Human Resources Department of Wuhan University: Ms. Li. Tel: +86 027-67811556

Annex 1: Contact Information of the Departments at Wuhan University

Annex 2: Application for Postdoctoral Excellence Programme of Wuhan University

Wuhan University

July 4, 2023

Annex 1 Contact Information of the Department at Wuhan University

Annex 2 Application for Postdoctoral Excellence Programme of Wuhan University

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