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Yunnan University is one of the earliest comprehensive universities in western China, where established in 1922. It is the first batch of universities to obtain a degree authorizationin China , and the first batch of universities included in the national “211 Project” key construction universities , One of the first 42 world-class universities in China. At present, our university has 4 national key disciplines and 21 first-level disciplines with Ph.D. authorization. Our school is strengthen moral education and cultivate people as the foundation, work hard for a first-class talent training mechanism, focuses on training first-class talents with critical spirit, independent thinking ability, high social responsibility, interdisciplinary knowledge and international vision, and builds the school to serve the frontiers and radiate South Asia, Southeast Asia, a world-class training ground for cutting-edge innovative talents.

NationalPilot School of Software in Yunnan University (http://www.sei.ynu.edu.cn/) is one of 37 national software school established with the approval of the Ministry of Education and the Development and Reform Commission. There are three undergraduate majors in software engineering, cyberspace security, and digital media technology. The college has two academic master’s degree authorization points for “software engineering” and “cyberspace security” and one professional master’s degree authorization.

The Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center for Cross-border Cyberspace Security relies on the Software School of Yunnan University and integrates the resources of relevant faculties and research institutions of Yunnan University to declare, and The Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education in October 2019. The Center will strive to build sovereignty of the first integrated network state, cross border network comprehensive governance, regional engineering research center for cyberspace security theory and technology, and work hard for building an innovative platform for the theory of cross-border Cyberspace Security Governance facing Asia, R & D platform for key technologies, achievements transformation and radiation platform


Recruitment field

In order to meet the needs of the “double first-class” construction of the school of software of Yunnan University and the construction of the Cross-border Cyberspace Security Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, it is recruiting academic leaders and outstanding professional and technical personnel in domestic and foreign countries. The professional background should meet the discipline planning and development requirements of the college or center, including but not limited to the following disciplines and professional directions:

  • Cyberspace Security;
  • Software engineering;
  • Computer science and technology;
  • Information and communication engineering.


Recruitment position and conditions

(I) Recruitment position

1. Teacher position in national demonstrative software college of Yunnan University.

2. Post of researcher of Engineering Research Center of Ministry of education of cross border Cyberspace Security.

Note:according to personal wishes, the candidates can concurrently serve as teachers of Yunnan University National Exemplary Software Institute and researchers of cross border Cyberspace Security Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of education.


(II) Recruitment requirements

1. Abide by the Constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love socialism, abide by laws and disciplines, behave properly, abide by the rules and regulations of the school, rigorously study, unite and cooperate, care for students, care about the collective, and consciously maintain the reputation of the school.

2. Applicants should generally have a PhD. Postdoctoral and graduated doctors with international academic vision, well-known high-level universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

3. Excellent professional and technical talents with foreign teaching positions, and various domestic academic titles and real talents.

4. Excellent professional and technical personnel engaged in technical research and development at well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions.

5, good health, in principle, the age does not exceed 45 years of age, especially those who are outstanding can be flexible.


Application method

1. Please send your resume (including education background, degree certification materials) and typical academic achievement materials to qinjianglong@ynu.edu.cn, and send a copy to the personnel office perdep@ynu.edu.cn of Yunnan University at the same time.

2. For the interested excellent scholars, the Software College of Yunnan University and the engineering research center of the Ministry of cross border Cyberspace Security can be responsible for their one-time international and domestic round-trip travel expenses and accommodation expenses in Kunming.


Relevant treatment and support methods

(1) Remuneration

The conditions and treatment of the various types of outstanding professional and technical talents to be introduced are based on the level and treatment of the talents introduced by Yunnan University (for details, please refer to the “Announcement on the Introduction of High-level Talents of Yunnan University” (http://www.rsc.ynu.edu.cn/info/1052/2841.htm). At the same time, for the various types of talents that are intended to be introduced, the National Model Software College of Yunnan University and the Cross-border Cyberspace Security Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education will actively coordinate the conditions and resources for the introduction of various talents.

After the introduction of talents to work in the school, the college or center will also provide conditions and resources for coordinating various teaching, scientific research and other work, provide excellent scientific research environment and experimental platform, and solve scientific research housing and supporting facilities according to work needs; and vigorously Support them to apply for talent naming plan projects, scientific research and teaching projects in China, provinces and universities. In addition to the introduction of remuneration for talents provided by the school, the college or center will also issue corresponding work performance and reward performance based on its work performance.

(2) Housing conditions

The housing conditions of talents to be introduced by the college or center shall be based on the level and treatment of the talents introduced by Yunnan University. During the application process, the college or center applied for the on-campus housing and public rental housing of Yunnan University, or provided them with rent subsidies for less than one year.

(3) Family settlement

For various types of imported talents, the school assists in solving the problems of the registered personnel, spouses, and children’s registered permanent residence issues according to the relevant national policies and the actual situation of the imported talents, the work of their spouses is based on the level and treatment of imported talents at Yunnan University. At the same time, the college will also coordinate the introduction of talented children into our school.

Note:The primary school affiliated to Yunnan University is one of the best primary schools in Kunming, and the secondary school affiliated to Yunnan University is the best junior high school in Yunnan Province and the top five high schools in Kunming.

Kunming is not as noisy as northern Guangdong and Shenzhen, but it is located in a strategic node along the way, and has intoxicating blue sky and white clouds.

Yunnan University is not as famous as Tsinghua University, but it has a history of one hundred years and one of the ten most beautiful campuses.

The Software College of Yunnan University and the engineering research center of the Ministry of education of cross border Cyberspace Security are not the domestic research Highlands, but they have been moving towards this goal, and they have a good atmosphere of doing business.

I’m looking forward to your coming!


Contact Information

  • Contact Department: Office of Software College of Yunnan University
  • Mailing address: Software College building, Chenggong campus, Yunnan University, East Outer Ring South Road, Chenggong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
  • Post code:650500
  • Contact number:13888091649,0871-65931551
  • Contact: JiangLong Qing
  • Email: qinjianglong@ynu.edu.cn



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