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To attract outstanding young talent from overseas to work in China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China set up a fund for outstanding young science talent from overseas in 2021.

Yunnan University is employing outstanding young talent from overseas this year. The following are announcements concerning the recruitment process:


1. Applicants should abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

2. Applicants should be born after Jan 1, 1984.

3. The applicant must have a doctorate, with their main research interests being natural science or engineering technology.

4. Before April 15 this year, after obtaining their doctorate, applicants should have had a formal teaching or research position for more than 36 consecutive months at an overseas university, research institution, or enterprise research institution. Those with a doctorate from overseas and who have made outstanding achievements may have the work experience requirement relaxed.

5. Applicants’ achievements in science research or technology should have been recognized by peers.

6. Applicants should not yet have returned to China for work or returned to China for work after Jan 1, 2023. They must have left their overseas jobs and returned to China to work full-time for at least three years after receiving the offer.

Salary and benefits

Talent employed by Yunnan University will be recognized as “Donglu backbone professors”. They will receive an annual salary and allowance of at least 600,000 yuan ($89,197) before tax, which will be paid monthly, as well as a housing subsidy of 3.5 million yuan (pre-tax) and research start-up funds of 4-6 million yuan.

Talent will enjoy the public benefits of career establishment teachers, including social security and medical insurance and other benefits. Preferential medical treatment at affiliated hospitals and children’s schooling at affiliated schools is included.

Those who entered the final defense for the project but didn’t get hired can be appointed to the position of “Donglu young scholar” at Yunnan University and enjoy corresponding treatment.

Application method

Applicants should send a detailed resume – including basic information, study and work experience, research direction and content, and their main academic achievements – to the relevant contact at the university’s human resources office or science and technology office.

Contact at human resources office: Teacher Yang

Tel: +86-13888743810


Contact at science and technology office: Teacher Xiao

Tel: +86-15912172465


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