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I.        About Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (Guangdong Province Laboratory of Life Information and Biomedicine, hereinafter referred to as SZBL) is a major innovation carrier in the field of biomedicine fully supported by the movement of the Pilot Demonstration Area practiced by Shenzhen City, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumor, neurodegenerative, infectious and other major diseases, and featuring IT+BT integration and multidisciplinary intersection to carry out research on disease mechanism, life information, innovative drugs, medical imaging and other areas.










II.    Application Requirements

Based on the principle of the right person for the right position, SZBL has set up a total of three categories of specially appointed positions to introduce high-level and scarce talents from all over the world. They are Category A, Category B and Category C. Each appointment period is 3 years. Moreover, talents who are appointed to the special posts can enjoy rewards of the respective position according to the regulations.

Requirements of application for specially appointed positions:

1. Compliance with the law, honesty and integrity, good ideological and political quality, moral quality and academic ethics, a rigorous work style and the spirit of science, pragmatism, solidarity, and collaboration.

2. Age requirements: a Category A candidate is no more than 65 years old; a Category B candidate is no more than 55 years old; a Category C candidate is no more than 50 years old.

3. The candidate of a specially appointed position is supposed to match the professional level and management ability of the task objectives required by the post.

The candidate to be specially appointed at a Category A position should be at the world class or domestically top level in the field and specialization.

The candidate to be specially appointed at a Category B position should be at the internationally advanced or domestically leading level in the field and specialization.

The candidate to be specially appointed at a Category C position should be at certain level of influence home and abroad in the field and specialization.



III.              Employee welfare

In addition to rewards of the respective specially appointed position, SZBL will provide competitive salary and sufficient research start-up funds, assist in building up research teams, offer comfortable office conditions, provide social security housing for talents for transition, provide assistance with children’s schooling and other aspects to support qualified candidates.






IV.  Application materials

For those who are qualified and interested, please send the following application materials to the contact person with the subject “The category of a specially appointed position applied – Name – Institute/Center to be applied – Research Field”, for example, “C Category – Jane Doe – Institute of Cancer Research – Single Cell Technology”

1. Application Form for Specially Appointed Position at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory.

2、Curriculum vitae in English or Chinese, cover letter, research results and research plan, and contact information of 3-5 references.

3. Relevant supporting documents of the applicant, including identity documents, proof of doctoral degree, proof of employment at home and abroad, certificates of honors and research awards, proof of major achievements, etc.






V.     Information

Official website of SZBL:

Email of the contact person:

Contact person: Mr. Li

Telephone number: 0755-26921839,0755-86726648



Shenzhen Bay Laboratory sincerely welcomes you to join us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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