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About the Forum

The 2021 International Interdisciplinary Innovation Forum at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS) aims to provide a platform for academic exchange among scholars all over the world, promote interdisciplinary and academic innovation, and serve as an important platform for Tsinghua SIGS to attract talents. Tsinghua SIGS will continue to recruit global talents and strive towards becoming a world-class graduate school.

About Tsinghua SIGS

Tsinghua SIGS was launched in March, 2019. As Tsinghua University’s sole campus outside of Beijing, it is a further expansion and integration of the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University (GSST) and the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI).

Its mission is to reshape graduate education as well as research and development to better serve local, national, regional, and global sustainable development. Tsinghua SIGS will nurture the next generations of global leaders, tackle global challenges through international collaborations, and facilitate interdisciplinary research and industrial partnerships.

Tentative Forum Schedule

Mid-October, 2021  (The Forum will be held both online and on-site tentatively)

Plenary Session

Sessions in “6+1″ Theme Areas

6+1” Theme Areas

1) Materials Science: low-dimensional materials and devices, energy materials and devices, material design and computation, information functional materials and devices, and biomedical materials and devices.

2) Data Science and Information Technology: artificial intelligence, data science, robotics, IoT and Internet, transportation and logistics, photonics and circuit systems, and advanced manufacturing.

3) Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering: health engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, vaccine engineering, and cell engineering.

4) Ocean Engineering: three main directions of deep sea engineering, coastal engineering and technology, and marine ecological environment applied to five areas of ocean engineering and physical oceans, marine equipment, marine energy, marine information, and marine ecology and environment.

5) Future Human Habitats: Global Innovation Center on Design Thinking for Future Human Habitats, future urban science and supporting technology system research, digital architecture and intelligent construction research, and Innovation Center for Humanity Technology of Future Human Habitats.

6) Environment and Ecology: urban environment and compound ecology, industry and special environmental protection, land and sea interactive environmental protection, regional cross-media complex pollution and environmental health, big data and system management of the ecological environment, and climate change and future ecological environment protection.

7) Innovation Management: Fin Tech, digital economy, innovation and entrepreneurship, Greater Bay Area, and national development.

Position Rank

Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor


1. Qualifications

– A doctoral or equivalent degree in a relevant academic area is required.

– At least two-year working experience at a university or research institute is required.

– Research experience across various fields and institutions and strong teaching performance are preferred.

– Candidates should be able to demonstrate strong communication, teaching, and leadership skills in English as well as the ability to actively contribute to the rapidly growing research efforts at Tsinghua SIGS.

– A strong commitment to teaching and supervising postgraduate students is essential. Teaching responsibilities will include participation in and development of graduate courses and strong engagement with Tsinghua SIGS’s core curriculum. Supervision of Ph.D. and MSc students and academic mentoring of trainees at all levels is also expected.

2. Timeline

The forum is open for application now. The deadline is September 15, 2021.

Shortlisted applicants will receive an invitation letter on or before September 30, 2021.

3. Application Documents

– Curriculum Vitae

– SIGS Faculty Application Form (

– Research/Teaching/Service Statement

– PDF copies of 3 to 5 representative publications

– 3-5 reference letters sent from renowned experts in related fields (letters must be emailed to directly and can be sent after the invitation letter is received)

4. How to Apply

Please send the above application documents (in English) to the contact person of each theme area. Please write the email subject as “Forum Application in XX area at Tsinghua SIGS”.

a. Materials Science

Contact: Mr. Wang, email:

b. Data Science and Information Technology

Contact: Ms. Lu, email:

c. Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering

Contact: Ms. Zhang, email:

d. Ocean Engineering

Contact: Ms. Fei, email:

e. Future Human Habitats

Contact: Ms. Hou, email:

f. Environment and Ecology

Contact: Ms. Wan, email:

g. Innovation Management

Contact: Ms. Hou, email:

Salary and Benefits

1. Annual Salary

Tsinghua SIGS will provide a highly competitive salary that commensurates with experience and accomplishments.

2. Funding Support

Tsinghua SIGS will provide a research start-up package, basic supportive funding, and relocation reimbursement for qualified faculty.

3. Student and Postdoctoral Recruitment

Tsinghua SIGS will finance up to 2 Ph.D. students and provide competitive salary packages to post-doctoral researchers of faculty members.

HR Contact Information



Ms. Deng, Tel: (86) 0755-2603-8662

Ms. Xu, Tel: (86) 0755-8657-6832


Tsinghua SIGS welcomes you to the International Interdisciplinary Innovation Forum and looks forward to your active participation!


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