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About Changzhou University

Changzhou University is located in an economic and prosperous Jiangnan city – Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The University is governed and funded by Jiangsu Provincial Government and Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, in partnership with China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec Group, and China Offshore Oil Corporation. Its education authority is the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

After the development of 43 years, Changzhou University has been a complete Bachelor-Master-Ph.D. talent training system, multi-level scientific research, and social service system. In 2020, the University ranked 129th in Best Chinese Universities Ranking.

Changzhou University has a complete and distinct discipline, covering engineering, science, management, economics, literature, law, art, medical, agronomical, education, etc. In 2012, the university was awarded the Ph.D. Talent Training Project of National Special Demand. In 2018, the university has a doctoral degree authorization point, 13 master’s degree authorization points, and 7 professional master’s degree authorization points. The university has 2 Jiangsu provincial advanced disciplines, 7 “13th Five-Year Plan” key disciplines. In addition, chemistry, materials, and engineering 3 disciplines entered the top 1% in the ESI Ranking. Moreover, the university has 3 national specialty majors, 12 national first-class professional construction points, 2 national comprehensive reform pilot projects, 8 Chinese engineering education certification, 13 national first-class courses, 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 2 national virtual simulation experiment teaching projects, etc.

Changzhou University sincerely invites all kinds of talents at home and abroad to develop together. In return, the introduction of a series of scholarship policies has brought about a competitive income plan, including wages, remuneration, and decent living and working conditions.

This is expected to provide strong policy support for the potential growth of employees and leave enough space for personal growth.


Vacancies, Requirements & Benefits

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Job descriptions

Research start-up
funds (RMB

Housing Allowance and Settling Subsidy

(RMB yuan)


(RMB yuan)

Level 1

Internationally renowned scholars

Nobel Prize winners, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, members of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, academicians of the Academy of Sciences (Academy of Engineering) in developed countries and regions, and other top outstanding talents with similar talent levels




Level 2

Leading Talents A

Leading Talents: Applicants with research and/or development experience in fields; have achieved notable results with significant innovation and international impact; hold significant domestic or international influence in academia.




Leading Talents B

Winners of the National Key Talents Program Youth Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Fund Science Winners, The national youth talent support program, Chinese Academy of Sciences “Hundred Talents Program” candidates, may have a national impact Associate professors of famous overseas universities with talent potential, and young leading talents of the same level.




Level 3

Top Talents

Talents selected for the provincial key talent plan (e.g., outstanding youth of Jiangsu Province, special-appointed professors of Jiangsu Province, etc.); Served as a doctoral supervisor and trained 1 doctoral student; Assistant professors of famous overseas universities and talents of the same level; Or outstanding young scholars at home and abroad who have achieved outstanding academic results and have excellent development potential. After being introduced, they are expected to obtain talents/projects of level 3 or above during the employment




Level 4

Backbone Talents A

Professors with a doctorate degree are generally under the age of 45; overseas postdoctoral or work experience for more than 36 consecutive months, generally under the age of 35. Academic ability reaches the level of professors of our university


Humanities&Social Science/Economics& Management, 200,000


Basic Salary +

Merit Pay

Backbone Talents B

Associate professors with a doctorate degree are generally under the age of 40. Have the experience of presiding over national-level scientific research projects, and the academic ability has reached the level of associate professor of our university


Humanities&Social Science/Economics& Management, 100,000


Level 5

Outstanding Ph.D Graduate A

Obtained a doctorate degree of the top 200 universities in the world, or the Chinese Academy of Sciences universities that are not included in the rankings, or the top 1subject of the ESI ranking; or have more than 24 consecutive months of post-doctoral work experience after graduation. The age is generally not more than the age of 35


Humanities&Social Science/Economics& Management, 60,000


Outstanding Ph.D Graduate B

With a doctorate degree, the age is generally no more than 35 years old; and other talents with associate professional titles in engineering, sports, sanitation, art, minor language, etc. can be extended to master’s degree students in principle



Other Benefits:

-Provide establishment of public institutions.

– Assist in solving children enrollment, 4A and above talents assist in solving spouse work.

– Provide talent turnover apartment or rental subsidy.

-The school will reimburse you for the travel expenses of coming to register.

– Enjoy an additional RMB 10,000 to 100,000 in talent policy subsidies from Changzhou City or Jiangsu Province.


Academic Fields in Need and Application Method

Candidates should send their detailed resumes to the mailbox of the applying institution and the personnel department of Changzhou University At the same time, the format of the mailbox is: “Applying School-Major-Name”. It is recommended the candidates to call the contact person of the school immediately after sending the e-mail to confirm receipt. The school email can be viewed on the following page:

Name of School

Need professional


School of Petrochemical Engineering/School of Food Science and Technology

Chemical engineering and Technology, Energy and Chemical, Applied Chemistry, Food engineering, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical Chemistry, etc.

Ms. Zhu


School of Pharmaceutical School of Medicine

Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Biopharmaceutical, molecular biology, Chemical engineering. Elderly care, Community care, Rehabilitation nursing, etc.

Mr. Zhang


School of Mechanical Engineering and Urban Rail Transit

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Mechanical engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanics, Electrical engineering, Traffic signal engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Weapon Science and Technology, etc.

Ms. Xu


School of Petroleum Engineering

Oil and gas engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Chemical engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Computer, Civil Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Instrumentation, etc.

Mr. He


School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering, Materials science, Material Processing Engineering, Material physical chemistry, Materials Engineering, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, etc.

Mr. Yang


School of Environmental & Safety Engineering, School of Urban Construction

Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Science and Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Economics, Laws, Management Science and Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering and automation, Computer, Chemical engineering,

Safety Engineering, etc.

Mr. Zhu


School of Microelectronics and Control Engineering

Control Theory and Control Engineering, Pattern recognition and intelligent system, Circuit, Microelectronics, Solid State Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer science and Technology, Software engineering, Physical engineering, etc.

Ms. Jiang


School of Computer and Artificial Intelligence, School of Alibaba Cloud Big Data

Mathematics, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Computer science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, etc.

Ms. Zhou


School of Business

Business management, Management Science and Engineering,

Accounting, Computer science and Technology, Big data technology, Software engineering, etc.

Mr. Zhu


School of Economics

International trade, finance, Financial engineering, Applied mathematics, Economics, Insurance, Taxation, etc.

Ms. Rong


Shi Liang Law School

Legal theory, Constitution and Administration, Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law, Procedural law, Economic Law, Finance and Taxation Law, etc.

Ms. Yang


Qu Qiubai School of government

Sociology, Management, Politics, Journalism, Applied economics, Education, etc.

Ms. Lin


School of of Marxism

Marxist theory, Philosophy, Politics, History of the Communist Party of China, Marxist Theory and Ideological Politics, History, etc.

Ms. Yang


School of Arts and Design

Environmental Art Design, product design, digital media, public art, Landscape, etc.

Mr. Zhu


School of Music and Film

Piano, Vocal, Cello, Theory of Composition and Composition Technology, Dance performance, Choreographer, etc.

Ms. Li


Foreign Language School

English literature, Foreign language and literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, etc.



Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures

Ancient Chinese Literature, linguistics, Language Education, Literature and Art, Drama and Film Literature, Journalism, Cinematics, World literature, History, Arts, etc.

Mr. Zhu


Physical Education Institute

Sports related majors, etc.

Mr. Zhao


School of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineeringControl Science and EngineeringMechanics, Computer science and Technology, Software engineering,Mechanics, Control Science and Engineering, Software engineering, Computer science and Technology, etc.

Ms. Li


United Reaction Engineering Research Institute Design Institute

Chemical engineering and TechnologyMaterial physical chemistry, Materials Engineering, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, etc.

Mr. Qian


National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Efficient Refining and High Quality Utilization of Biomass

Environmental Science and Engineering, Chemical engineering and TechnologyMaterial physical chemistry, Materials Engineering, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Fermentation EngineeringBiological EngineeringAgricultural Resources and Environment, etc.

Mr. Sun



Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences

biomedical engineering, Biophysical Engineering, Precision instruments and instruments, Materials science, Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Signal and signal processing, etc.

Ms. Li


Institute of Natural and Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, high polymer chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Physical Chemistry, etc.

Ms. Shi



General Inquiry

Address: 21 Gehu Road, Wujin District, Changzhou City, P.R.China

Contact: Ms. Gui

Talent Office of the Personnel Department of Changzhou University

Telephone: 0086-519-86330618



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