English Teacher Position at the Law School of Yantai University

Yantai University

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The role of a Foreign English teacher is to help our students speak English and improve English practical skills. Those responsibilities include preparing lessons and lesson material, teaching young adult students, holding counseling sessions, assisting colleagues, maintaining records, writing progress reports, etc.



  1. BA degree or Master degree, and TESOL/TEFL certificate,  teaching experiences preferred;
  2. No criminal record; Knowledge of Chinese culture preferred;
  3. 10 teaching hours a week (45 min per teaching hour) as basic workload, 2 hours office hours per week, 0-6 additional teaching hours (45 min per teaching hour)per week(depends on the schedule), no part-time job allowed off campus;
  4. Chinese government Culture, laws and regulations observed;
  5. Major in English/Linguistics/Education preferred
  6. Native Speaker


Salary and Benefits

  1. Basic salary RMB 7800 (before tax) per month (for basic workload);
  2. Additional payment RMB 100 (before tax) per teaching hour (45 minutes) paid after each semester for any additional teaching hours( for additional workload);
  3. Free furnished apartment with all necessary appliance, or RMB 1800 accommodation allowance per month;
  4. RMB 2000 medical allowance per year;
  5. RMB 2200 tournament allowance per year;
  6. RMB 10,000 international flight tickets allowance per year;
  7. One month’s salary for renewal of the contract;
  8. Free Health Insurance;
  9. Free resident card and foreign expert certificate application;
  10. Winter and summer vacations as well as holidays in China.


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