Full-time Foreign Language Teacher (English)

Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade

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We are recruiting a foreign teacher for oral English classes. Following are the details:

I. Position

Full-time foreign Language Teacher (English)

II. Requirements

  • i. Native English speaker, with a bachelor’s degree or above, over 20 years old
  • ii. Individuals who shall abide by the Chinese laws and the university regulations, be friendly to China, and respect the customs of the local people.
  • iii. Individuals who shall be well-behaved, healthy, and has no criminal record.
  • iv. Individuals who shall have special training in language teaching and more than 2 years of relevant working experiences in the field of education (formal certification is required).

III. Job duties

Individuals are responsible for English speaking, listening, writing and other courses teaching. In addition, individuals shall participate in skills competition coaching and other related work.

IV. Salary and Benefits

Competitive annual salary and benefits provided

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