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The School of Business Administration (SBA) of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) was originally named the Department of Industrial Economics in 1979. It was granted the right to confer a master degree in 1986, and renamed as SBA in 1998. In 2010, the school was authorized to confer a doctorate degree. In 2014, the school was awarded the National Advanced Group of the Educational System. It got CAMEA certification in 2017, and obtained the membership of BGA and AACSB in 2019.

The school keeps the mission to integrate management wisdom of China and the West to educate business elite with social responsibility, and envisions to being a leader of Management Education in China. It has been under fast growth for four decades, and made great achievements on personnel training, teaching stuff construction, scientific research, international cooperation and social services, etc.

With the development and expansion of the school, the strength has been significantly enhanced in recent years. The school has the master program, doctoral program and post-doctoral research station in the first-level discipline of Business Administration. The school is among the third batch of MBA training institutions in China and the first in Jiangxi province. It is also among the second batch of EMBA training institutions over the nation and the only one in Jiangxi province. Meanwhile, the school has the key research base of humanities and social sciences among universities in Jiangxi province. The first-level disciplines in Business Administration and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) has been rated as the B+ level in the fourth round of discipline evaluation and the first national professional degree assessment, ranking the top 20% and 25%, respectively. The first-level discipline of Business Administration was also selected as “the First-class Disciplines in Jiangxi Province” and “the Key Discipline in Jiangxi Province”.

The professional discipline-construction has established unique image. The school has five undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Logistics Management and International Marketing, and one Entrepreneurship Education Experimental Class.

Among them, Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resources Management were selected as national first-class undergraduate program construction points; Logistics Management was selected as provincial first-class undergraduate program construction point; Marketing is one of the National Characteristic Specialties, the provincial first-class specialty and a provincial brand specialty; Business Administration and Human Resource Management are provincial featured programs and were enrolled as provincial comprehensive reform pilot projects; Business Administration and Marketing are ranked the first in the comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate programs in Jiangxi province. The program in Business Administration was ranked among the first group of universities (including Renmin University of China, Peking University, etc.) in the professional competitiveness rankings of Chinese universities from 2019 to 2020, rated as “Five Star Plus”, ranked 6th.

The professional team keep on expanding. At present, the school has 107 faculty members, with 75% of them have a doctoral degree and 52% have overseas experience in learning and academic exchange. There are 2 people who enjoy special government allowance, 1 national model teacher, 1 member of the Teaching Steering Committee for Business Administration Program led by the Ministry of Education of China, 1 member of the Graduate Teaching Steering Committee for Business Administration Program led by the Ministry of Education of China, 1 national candidate for the project of one million talents. There are other 20 nominees attend provincial Famous Teacher Program, 555 Engineering Talent Project of Jiangxi Province and Poyang Area, Invited Professor of Jinggang Scholar Project, provincial One Million Engineering Talent Project, provincial Young Jinggang Scholar Project, provincial Young and Middle-aged Discipline Leader Project, and provincial Backbone Teacher Program, respectively.

The teaching and research achievements are constantly enriched. The school has applied 33 national natural science foundation of China (NSFC) projects and 25 national social science foundation of China (SSFC) projects (including 1 major program project and 1 the-state-key program project) successfully. In the past five years, 42 monographs, 36 textbooks, and nearly 300 papers in various Chinese/English journals have been published and many research papers have been promoted by leaders of Jiangxi Province. There are 4 courses selected as national top-quality courses, national top-quality resource sharing courses, national top-quality video open courses, and national top-quality online open courses. There are other 18 provincial top-quality courses.

Several case studies of Jiangxi enterprises in Harvard Case Database and Ivey Case Database have been published. Besides, a total of 16 case studies are awarded as “Top-hundred national excellent management cases”, which makes the school at top of the list in not only Jiangxi province but also China. The case study-related teaching projects have won the first prize of provincial Teaching Award twice.

The international cooperation program moves forward steadily. The school has carried out multi-level cooperation programs with more than 20 foreign universities and scientific research institutions. Such as co-founding the Digital Enablement Research Network (DERN) with other universities, hosting Structured-Pragmatic-Situational (SPS) case study methodology seminar every year, running the Sino-American MBA program in collaboration with New York Institute of Technology in the United States (nearly 2000 international senior managers have been trained in 21 years), adopting international cooperative research program, scholar jointly-training/exchange program with Aalborg University in Denmark, which have been fully supported by China Scholarship Council.

Recruitment planning and Salaries

In 2020, the school plans to recruit 5 full-time faculty members, including 1 high-end talent, 1 oversea doctor and 3 domestic doctors. See the following table for specific requirements:

Recruitment Category

Number of Recruitment Specialty and direction needs
High-end Talent 1 Business Administration (All Related)

Oversea Doctor

1 1. Business Administration (including Enterprise Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Logistics Management)

2. Management Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data)

Domestic Doctors 3

Recruitment category and qualifications

1. High-end talent

The faculty member employed has to work full-time in our school and technically the candidate shall be no more than 55 years old. At least one of the following conditions needs to be qualified:

(1) Candidates of national talent projects (including national “Four Youth Talents” candidates);

(2) Candidates of provincial key talent projects (excluding provincial youth projects);

(3) The chief professor or discipline leader who meets the requirements of JUFE’s “100 Talents” support plan;

(4) Personnel identified as high-end talents by JUFE’s talent-work leading group.


2. Oversea Doctor

Technically, the candidate shall be no more than 45 years old, and one of the following conditions needs to qualified:

(1) Tenured professors and senior scholars (including foreign talents) from overseas well-known universities;

(2) Doctors from universities of English-speaking countries ranking top 100 in the world in terms of comprehensive evaluation and discipline-based assessment;

(3) Doctors from universities of non-English-speaking countries or regions (Doctoral degree holders from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan areas can be considered as overseas doctors, one person one contract policy)


3. Domestic doctor

Technically, the candidate shall be no more than 35 years old, and one of the following conditions needs to qualified:

(1) Doctors from top universities in China;

(2) Doctors from other Chinese universities who have outstanding achievements in teaching and academics.

Remuneration package

Talent Category Annual salary


Housing subsidy (RMB) Settling-in Allowance (RMB) Scientific research funds(RMB) Remarks
High-end Talent Discussion in person
Chief Professor 550,000 500,000 100,000 50,000

per year

Discipline leader 450,000 500,000 100,000 50,000

per year

Youth Discipline leader 350,000 400,000 100,000 100,000
Oversea Doctor 300,000 500,000 100,000 200,000 Personal archives transferred to our university (JUFE).
300,000 200,000 The personal archives not transferred to JUFE. During the employment, JUFE will provide free housing.
Domestic Doctor 400,000 50,000 100,000 One person one contract if outstanding.



Required documents (electronic files are required):

1. Resume (including personal information, education background, work experience, scientific achievements and research direction, awards and honors, etc.)

2. Scanning copies of relevant qualification materials in PDF format (including academic degree certificate, technical professional certificate, ID card or passport, professional qualification certificate, relevant award or honor certificate, etc.). Oversea doctors should also provide the certificate of academic degree issued by the Ministry of education, certificate of overseas returnees and other related materials);

3. The doctor shall provide proof materials of scientific research achievements (including important academic papers and their collection, representative scientific research projects and scanned copies of the award certificates of scientific research achievements, etc.);

4. The fresh doctoral graduates shall provide two letters of recommendation from experts with senior professional titles in the same field, with one letter from the doctoral supervisor (the original copies shall be provided during the interview);

5. Doctors who have graduated in the past three years shall provide transcripts during their doctoral studies and scanned copies of their actual performance materials.

The personnel who meets the qualifications of our recruitment shall go through physical examination, psychological evaluation, investigation and publicity (no objection is raised) before going through new employee on-boarding formalities (or going through personnel agency formalities for Master’s degree and below) and signing the contract.


Contact information

Contact person: Ms. Xu

Tel: +86 791 83816813

Email: gsxy@jxufe.edu.cn

Address: West Fenglin Street, Changbei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China

Postcode: 330032

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