Lecturer of Economics Position at Yantai University

Yantai University

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  • Native English speaker
  • Doctor Degree majoring in Finance/Economics, and two years of relative working experiences.
  • Less than 60 years old with good health.
  • No criminal record; Knowledge of Chinese culture is preferred,
  • 12 periods of lessons a week (45 mins a period), and should not take any part-time job off campus,
  • Chinese government Culture, laws and regulations should be observed.
  • Should provide an additional 2 hours office hour weekly.


Salary and Benefits

1. The Teacher is paid RMB 12000 for twelve (12) months
2. Free furnished apartment on campus with all the necessary appliance
3. Free 300 KWH for the said apartment is provided monthly
4. RMB 10000 international airfare allowance
5. Free Health Insurance and free work permit application
6. Free resident card and foreign expert card application
7. Winter and summer vacations as well as holidays are enjoyed in China
8. Travel allowance of RMB 2200 each year


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