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Introduction of English Department

The Department of English at Dalian Neusoft College of Information Technology was founded in 2001, formerly known as the Department of Foreign Languages, and renamed as the Department of English since the establishment of the English major in 2004. The department consists of the English major education management team and the public English education management team, which are responsible for teaching English majors and public English in the whole university respectively.

There are 80 full-time teachers in the Department of English, of which 21% are senior teachers and 96% have master’s degree or above; 25% of the teachers have internationalized background, and there are also 8 foreign teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, etc. They are responsible for the teaching of oral language to all students and some of the specialized courses in business English and culture, and they are playing an important role in both inside and outside of the classroom teaching activities.

The Department of English now has two undergraduate majors, English and Business English, aiming to cultivate English professionals with a good sense of social responsibility, English application skills, cross-cultural communication skills, business practice skills and the spirit of discernment and innovation, with 734 students enrolled in the department. The department combines the university’s TOPCARES-CDIO talent cultivation model with the characteristics of cultivating foreign language talents to build project-driven curriculum system, implement professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education. The school combines our TOPCARES-CDIO talent cultivation model with the characteristics of foreign language talent cultivation, builds a project-driven curriculum system, and implements the integration of professional education with innovation and entrepreneurship education and quality education. In the process of talent cultivation, the department strengthens university-industry cooperation in the field of international business services and foreign-related information services, and pays attention to internationalization. At present, the English department focuses on cooperating with famous domestic and foreign enterprises such as Neusoft Cloud Technology, Dalian Cloud View, and Fidelity International, and it has already carried out a number of internationalization projects such as the master’s program of George Fox University in the U.S.A. and the Disney Paid Internship Program. After several years of training, the graduates of the Department of English are recognized by employers. The average employment rate of the last three graduates is 95.3%, and the professional matching employment rate is more than 75%.

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