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About Hainan University and School of Tourism

Hainan University is a university constructed towards the aim of being a “world-class discipline”, a key university of “211” program, and a university “jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Government”.

Founded in March 2000, the School of Tourism of Hainan University is one of the three key colleges with competitive disciplines, which boasts a complete tourism talent training system of “undergraduate – postgraduate – doctoral” and a postdoctoral program. Based on the resources of China’s free trade port and international tourism island, the college enjoys unique policy advantages and industrial resources, being the highest educational institution for tourism talent training in Hainan Province.

To cater to the needs of career development, we are hereby recruiting high-level talents from home and abroad. We sincerely invite talents from home and abroad to join our college and build our college together!

(I) Team Introduction and Post Setting

The college will focus on building four scientific research and innovation teams in line with the discipline construction and development plan of the college relying on the doctoral program of tourism management in the future, and actively cultivate 2-3 scientific research and innovation teams, which include:

1. “High-quality tourism development” team

Team leader: Professor Guo Qiang.

From the perspective of high-quality tourism development, the team believes that five aspects should have been considered, namely, tourism innovation, tourism coordination, tourism sustainable development, tourism openness and tourism sharing, which are studied from the two perspectives of supply and demand, and three specific directions of consumption behavior, tourism supply, cultural and tourism products as well as innovation and creativity of business forms. We plan to bring in 4-6 new members during the “14th Five-year” period who are specialized in tourism management, business administration, management science, marketing, industrial economics, industrial regulation, cultural and creative design and event planning (only for postdoctoral and non-institution personnel from international education), etc.


2. “Tourism consumption behavior and tourism experience” team

Team leader: Professor Xie Yanjun

Based on the advantages of basic tourism theory and tourism experience research, the team carries out research in three specific directions namely tourism experience, tourism consumption behavior and tourism consumption economy. We plan to bring in 3-5 new members during the “14th Five-year” period who have published high-level academic papers in mainstream journals in the fields of tourism experience and theory research, tourism product design and consultation, tourist consumption behavior and tourist consumption economy; applicants who have published related high-level monographs are preferred.


3. “Tourism big data management” team

Team leader: Professor Hu Tao

Relying on the innovative team led by academician Yang Shanlin, the team will strive to become the top academic research team of our province in the aspects of tourism big data management and prediction, tourism network marketing and tourism e-commerce in about five years, undertake major provincial (point) and national key R&D projects, cultivate a number of internationally renowned academic talents in tourism management and its modern science and technology application research. We plan to bring in 4-5 new members during the “14th Five-year” period who are required to publish high-level academic research papers in domestic and foreign mainstream journals such as tourism management, marketing, information technology or e-commerce and who majored in tourism management, marketing, e-commerce and information technology.


4. “National park management” team

Based on the theory of tourism and related disciplines, the team, with the introduction of a team leader, focuses on the construction practice of China’s national parks, especially the investment, development, construction and management practice of Hainan national parks, and focuses on the operation management and innovative development of national parks, the policy system and implementation path of national parks, and the planning theory and technology support of national parks. For the requirements of team leader, please refer to Annex 11 Management Measures for Scientific Research and Innovation Teams of Humanities and Social Sciences in Hainan University.


(II) Types and Tasks of the Posts

1. Types of posts

(1) High-level talents

(2) Pre-employed teachers

(3) Post-doc: Post-doc of business Administration, Law

(4) Flexible talent

(5) Non-institution teachers from international schools: Salary and other benefits will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

2. Tasks of the Posts

The team tasks are detailed in the “Management Measures for Hainan University Humanities and Social Sciences Research and Innovation Team “. The team generally should at least meet the per capita requirements and make corresponding contributions to the team’s large projects and achievements.

The support mode of “one person, one negotiation” can be implemented for those with outstanding achievements in various posts.

(III) Salary and Welfare

The salary and welfare offered by Hainan University include but are not limited to:

1. Salary with high international competitiveness. The basic annual salary system is adopted for teaching and research positions, and its salary system consists of the following parts:

Basic annual salary – the basic annual salary of the corresponding grade is provided by the college according to the position offered by the college;

Talent allowance – high-level talent can get talent allowance of corresponding level provided by the college;

College performance bonus – according to the discipline competitiveness and the annual budget, the college will make overall planning and allocation independently;

Research performance bonus – according to the research projects and papers published by individuals, they can get corresponding research performance awards.

2. Research funding of 50,000-3,000,000 yuan will be granted to researchers to create conditions for them to engage in high-level research (The funding for research of master talents will be discussed in person).

3. Sufficient office space and other good academic support conditions will be provided for teaching and research personnel; all teaching and research personnel are qualified for postgraduate enrollment.

4. Hainan University Hospital provides high-quality medical service for teaching staff.

5. The university provides quality basic education guarantee from kindergarten to junior high school for the children of teaching staff.

6. The staff of the college can enjoy meal allowance when they have meals in the canteen.

(IV) Recruitment Procedures

1. Online registration: applicants should fill in the corresponding forms according to the job category. If there are other supporting materials, please provide them together.

Please send the above application materials to the corresponding email address:

The subject of the email should indicate desired position and name of applicant.

2. Qualification examination: the college previews the qualification of candidates and recommends outstanding candidates for interview.

3. Organize interview: organize interview in a flexible way according to different levels.

① Content of interview: the candidates’ competence for the position and comprehensive quality.

② Form of interview: the candidate will comprehensively introduce his/her academic background, research field, representative achievements and plans for future research (15 minutes); and give a lecture or trial lecture on a special topic (15 minutes).

③ Time of interview: after passing the qualification examination, the college will start the interview process within two weeks!

4. Report to the college for examination after the candidate passes the interview, the college will report to the university in time for examination; the university will give the candidate a reply on whether to employ or not according to different types of talents.

The post information is valid all the year round, and applicants may apply at any time.

(V) Contact Us

Address: Office 8-204, Tourism College, Hainan University, No. 58 Renmin Avenue, Haikou City, Hainan Province

P.C.: 570228

Tel.: 0898-66258711 (Mr. Wu)

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