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Guangdong Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) is a state-of-the-art research university recently established by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel), Shantou University, the Li Ka-shing foundation and the government in Shantou, China. Technion is a world-leading institute of higher education with three Nobel laureates and remains top 50 in global research-based university rankings. Since it was established in 1912, the Technion has been committed to the development of new technology and universally acknowledged as one of the world-top start-up ecosystems and an incubator for future successful entrepreneurs.

At GTIIT we feature a brand-new campus located in walking distance to Shantou University. GTIIT’s faculty members are recruited globally, including people from the Technion. These individuals are required to play significant roles in education, research and innovation and exploit the synergy between them. The faculty is supposed to conduct research and to act as role models for students regarding research and innovation.

Shantou has an international airport and is connected to the Chinese high-speed rail system. Shantou’s weather is generally pleasant with abundant sunshine – warm dry winters and hot humid summers. The local air quality is good to excellent as Shantou is located at the coast of the South China Sea (283 km east-north-east of Hong Kong).

GTIIT has open positions available in many research areas. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and competent Research Fellows to conduct research projects with us.

Students who have completed their doctoral studies are invited to do their post-doctoral research at GTIIT. Here you’ll join a vibrant community of culturally diverse scientists from around the world engaged in groundbreaking scientific work.


Application Process (For applicants)

Graduate students interested in pursuing their postdoctoral research at GTIIT are invited to search our listing for open calls here or contact the faculty member of interest directly – list of Guangdong Technion Faculty members.

Please note that all Post-Doc fellows must have an academic host. Invitations to postdoctoral trainees are up to one year with an option to extend it to up to five years in total. See Regulations for Postdoctoral Fellows.

Candidates must prepare a file that includes:

  1. Curriculum vitae and personal statements
  2. A publication list
  3. Three letters of recommendation (one from the mentor for PhD and/or Master’s studies)
  4. A short research plan outline (up to one page in length)
  5. Degree certificates with certified English translation for both the PhD and Master’s degrees
  6. This file should be sent to the host faculty member.



The trainee will be fully funded by the trainee’s host faculty member who will determine the amount of scholarship. The starting date is flexible, and the length of the course must be greater than 6 months.

For more information contact: RIGS@GTIIT.EDU.CN

Click here for latest job openings for Research Fellow (Postdoc) Positions at GTIIT

Ref. ID Position Group Status Posted Date
RF-2024002 Research Fellow Position in Catalytic Hydrogenation(催化加氢博士后招聘) Assoc. Prof. Xi Gao Open 01/03/24
RF-2024001 Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Wastewater Treatment and Resources Recovery Assoc. Prof. Xiaowu Huang Open 11/01/24
RF-2023005 Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure Studies Assoc. Prof. Prabhakar Tiwari Open 02/11/23
RF-2023004 Research Fellow Position in Catalytic Conversion of Biomass/Plastic(生物质/塑料催化转化博士后招聘) Assoc. Prof. Xi Gao Open 11/10/23
RF-2023003 Research Fellow Position in Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Program Assoc. Prof. Keke Xiao Open 24/05/23
RF-2023002 Research Fellow Position in Computational Solid Mechanics and Computer Graphics Assoc. Prof. Zhujiang Wang Open 17/01/23
RF-2022006 Research Fellow (Postdoc) Position in Internal Combustion Engines with Alternative fuels/modeling/control Assoc. Prof. Madan Kumar Open 23/12/22
RF-2022004 Post-Doc Researcher in Robotics Assoc. Prof. Damiano Padovani Open 30/11/22
RF-2022005 Research Fellow (Postdoc) Position in Hydraulic Systems and Internal Combustion Engines Assoc. Prof. Damiano Padovani Open 30/11/22
RF-2022002 Research Fellow Position in Energy and Electronic Materials Assoc. Prof. Woo Jin Hyun Open 27/04/22
RF-2021009 Research Fellow in Alternative Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines Assoc. Prof. Pavlos Dimitriou Open 14/12/21
RF-2021008 Research Fellow in Materials Under Extreme Conditions Assoc. Prof. Elissaios Stavrou Open 12/11/21
RF-2021007 Research Fellow in Soft Wearables Lab of Prof. Yan Wang Assoc. Prof. Yan Wang Open 14/10/21
RF-2021006 Research Fellow in Nonlinear optoelectronics using dielectrics and wide bandgap semiconductors Assoc. Prof. Khadga Jung Karki Open 15/09/21
RF-2021005 Research Fellow Position in Dielectric Materials (电介质材料博士后) Prof. Daniel Tan Open 12/08/21
RF-2021003 Research Fellow in Multiphase Flow CFD Simulation Assoc. Prof. Xi Gao Open 06/04/21
RF-2020007 Postdoc Positions in Fluid Dynamics, Thermofluids, and Interfacial Phenomena Prof. Youhua Jiang Open 04/11/20
RF-2020006 Research Fellow Position in Atto-nano Physics Associate Professor DSc Dr Marcelo Ciappina Open 14/10/20
RF-2020004 Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Electromagnetic Intervening Device and Film Capacitors (电磁干预和薄膜电容器技术博士后) Prof. Daniel Tan Open 18/09/20
RF-2019006 Research Fellow Position in Food Sustainability Dr. Yigal Achmon Open 16/10/19
AO-2019001 Research Fellow/ PhD Positions in Surface Engineering and Corrosion Prof. Aleksandra Baron-Wiechec Open 09/10/19
RF-2019002 Research Fellow/ PhD Positions in Organic Chemistry Prof. Sehoon Park Open 18/02/19
RF-2018014 Research Fellow/Postdoctor Position in Surface Chemistry Prof. Kai Huang Open 17/10/18
RF-2018013 Research Fellow Position in Chemical Engineering Programme Prof. Ziyi Zhong Open 12/10/18
RF-2018003 Research Fellow Position in Soft Matter and Biological Physics Prof. Xinpeng Xu Open 31/05/18
RF-2018004 Research Fellow Positions in Fish Microbiology or Disease Resistance in Fish Prof. Ka Yin Leung Open 08/03/18
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