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Application deadline:  May 22, 2022

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Standing at the avant-garde of Chinese art as a core site of art education, China Academy of Art is committed to the self-transcendence and upgrade of contemporary art education. We are now searching globally for a Dean to head the School of Intermedia Art.

As a constituent college in China Academy of Art, the School of Intermedia Art (SIMA) was founded in 2010. SIMA is the standard bearer of the earliest media art experiment tradition in China. At SIMA, we believe in the need to deeply penetrate the frontiers of the everyday in order to excavate new media and new art forms that are from the people and of the people. SIMA attempts to go beyond the given media art education format and create a new structure that encompasses “media experimentation, artistic creativity, social thought and curatorial practice.” SIMA is an institution dedicated to the production of visions, as well as a nexus that spans different disciplines and fields, a social organ in which media, art and thought are produced and reproduced in a continuous circulation. The Faculty and Staff at SIMA share the common goal of building a school without any School, a school without walls.

About China Academy of Art​

Founded in Hangzhou, China in 1928, China Academy of Art is the first ever comprehensive higher education institution dedicated to art education in China. Now the largest fine arts university of the world, CAA operates on three campuses at Nanshan, Xiangshan and Liangzhu.

CAA’s School of Intermedia Art (SIMA) is home to 27 Doctoral students, 112 Master’s students and 223 undergraduates. There are 23 full-time tenured faculty members and 14 visiting professors. CAA’s School of Intermedia Art (SIMA) consists of three departments (Experimental Art Department, Media Scenography Department, Open Media Department) and one studio (Free Art Studio).

Experimental Art Department: Grounded in the eco-systems of contemporary art, it is dedicated to driving artistic experimentation with embodied experience in the creation of SIMA’s “New Art” platform. This stream is focused on the exploration of the narrative potential of intermedia expression with an experimental spirit.

Open Media Department: Dedicated to an open-source, interactive cyber environment and to the development of the creative energy of the “Full Media Era.” The focus of our education and research is on Virtual Reality (VR), future writing and real-time dynamic live audiovisuals.

Media Scenography Department: Geared toward exhibition culture and social performance platforms, we try to create SIMA’s “ultra-art” avantgarde, a public intermedia scenography platform, with experiential spaces and narrative environments.

Free Art Studio: Mediated by the limitations of individuals in art practice and traversing the boundaries of art and media with free sensations, we are focused on SIMA’s “heterogenous art” site.

Credited with organizing and curating many pioneering research/creative projects such as International Intermedia Art Festival, Future Media / Art Manifesto, Intermedia Megastructure, Sonart China, Annual Conferences of Network Society and AME Film Project, SIMA stands at the forefront of contemporary Chinese interdisciplinary/intermedia art education.


The candidate should be an outstanding artist or curator or a leading specialist in the field of philosophy of technology or media studies. The candidate must be dedicated to art education, have outstanding achievements in art or academic research, have a forward-looking artistic horizon, global impact, rich academic resources and excellent leadership skills.

Essential duties and responsibilities
—Represent School of Intermedia Art of China Academy of Art in the promotion of SIMA’s reputation and global impact.
—Define the path of future development of SIMA in collaboration with the current leadership team.
—Lead a multidisciplinary research team in intermedia art creation, education and research.

Documents to be submitted
—Personal resume
—Candidate’s reflections on the future of SIMA
—Photocopies of candidate’s personal identity document, authenticated/legalized copy of academic degrees, passport or equivalent

Remuneration: This is a specially appointed, full-time position. Remuneration packages will be discussed during the interview process.

How to apply

Please email all required documents by May 22, 2022.

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