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Introduction to Sichuan International Studies University

Sichuan International Studies University (SISU) is a full-time regular undergraduate university run by the State, located in Shapingba District, Chongqing, the fourth largest city in China.Our university aims to cultivate high quality foreign language professionals and professionals in foreign-related fields. It is the most important research center of foreign languages and cultures, foreign trade and business, and international relations in Southwest China. We recruit foreign teachers all year around, and warmly welcome you to join us. Read More


Recruitment Information

In order to further enhance the internationalization of School of Business English, Sichuan International Studies University (SISUBE), broaden students’ international vision and attract excellent international teachers, SISUBE releases recruitment for excellent foreign teachers with relevant information as follows:

SISUBE recruits teachers in Language Teaching and Subject Teaching. The employment will be full-time under contract management and principles, and the employment period shall not be less than 12 months.

Position Requirements
1. In good health, friendly to China and willing to cooperate.
2. Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and relevant rules and regulations of the University.
3. No illegal and criminal records, no unresolved legal and case disputes.
4. In principle, he/she shall not be over 60 years old. Foreign talents who meet national regulations (Category A) are not subject to age restrictions.

Teaching and Researching Qualifications
Applicants for Language Teaching should be engaged in the teaching with mother tongue as well as with at least a degree of Bachelor and 2-year teaching experience. However, they are not required to provide working experiences so long as they have Bachelor’s degrees or higher in pedagogy, language teaching or education, or they have national or international language teaching qualification certificates.

Language Teacher
Twenty-two foreign languages are taught in SISU, they are English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Hindi, Myanmar Language, Romanian, Malay, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Salary and Benefits
1. Salary: Monthly salary varies from 6,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan (before tax), depending on the qualification and experience.
2. Contract Fulfillment Allowance: Additional allowance will be given as bonus after completing one-year teaching.
3. Meal Bonus will be given per month.
4. Travel Expense: The air ticket covering the most direct route(or lowest price ticket) from your home country to Chongqing for arrival shall be reimbursed at the beginning of the contract. Similarly, upon completing the one-year contract, the university shall reimburse you one-way international air ticket covering the most direct route(or lowest price ticket) from Chongqing to your home county.
5. Free Accommodation: A free Apartment with necessary furniture and appliances will be provided for you on campus, including free water, electricity, gas, and internet etc.
6. Physical Examination: Physical Examination is required for all applicants. It should be done in one’s home country first and again in China upon arrival. The latter one can be reimbursed with public hospital invoice.
7. Health Care: SISU provides medical care for every foreign teacher per semester, which can be reimbursed with public hospital receipt. This is mainly for out-patient treatment. We require that all-foreign teachers be in good health, and will buy medical insurance for you in mainland China, and suggest that you buy medical and life insurance at home.

More Information
1. Co-teacher: There will be one co-teacher in the department you work to help you with daily work and class arrangements.
2. Gifts: We will prepare gifts for each of you in traditional Chinese festivals.
3. Activities: The university will organize activities to enrich your daily life.
4. Location & Environment: One of SISU’s most acclaimed features is its beautiful campus at the foot of Gele Mountain by the Jialing River.
Its avenues and streets are lined with evergreen trees, so that its campus imperceptibly bends in with tree-covered rolling hills above it. Its facilities have been designed to complement the nature beauty of its serene environment, and it is in many respects an ecological miniature of the mountainous city where it is situated.
5. Facilities: SISU has advanced teaching facilities for foreign languages teaching, translation and oral interpretation – the best in southwest China, and library, tennis court, swimming pool, etc.

Campus Address: 33 Zhuangzhi Rd. Lieshimu, Shapingba District, Chongqing, PRC, 400031. Sichuan International Studies University warmly welcomes overseas friends to join us! And recommendations are also greatly appreciated!

The contract will initially cover one or two semesters and may be extended upon mutual agreement. Please attach your resume and scanned passport with cover letter.

Application Documents
1. Copies of credentials including CV, Diploma, Teaching certificate etc.
2. Two reference letters or work certificate

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