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1, Basic requirements

Be friendly to China, healthy both physically and mentally; behave with integrity, no criminal record; have good professional ethics and teamwork spirit.

If you apply for the position of foreign language expert, the language you will teach should be your mother tongue. You must have language teaching experience for more than two years (you are exempt from the requirement of 2-year teaching experience under the condition that you have a bachelor’s degree or higher in education, language or teaching, or obtain a teacher certificate at your home country, or obtain the internationally recognized English teacher qualification certificates such as TEFL and TESOL (these certificates are valid only for applying the position of English teacher)).

You are less than 55 years old.

2. Specific requirements of position

School of Sino-German Robotics

Foreign language expert (German)

  • 1. Have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • 2. Major in foreign language and literature (German), education, e-commerce, and business administration

3, Term of employment

The term of other positions is one year. When you reach your term of employment, you will be assessed based on the requirements of your position. Your contract can be renewed after passing the assessment.

4, Salary and benefits

Your salary and benefits are written in the contract. The College will provide competitive income according to the positions. The salary is negotiable.

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