The global recruitment of post-doctors for Hohai University in 2020

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The global recruitment of post-doctors for Hohai University

1、Policy Support

Excellent salary

Annual salary:

post-doctoral Class A:RMB 400,000;

post-doctoral Class B:RMB 250,000;

post-doctoral Class C:RMB 180,000;

Up to 1.2 million (3-years)。

Generous achievement reward

The additional achievements completed during post-doctorate in station full-time can enjoy generous research awards.

When outbound and employed by Hohai university (short as HHU), can apply for special assessment to the Deputy Senior professional and technical title and a one-time payment of RMB 100,000 as performance reward.

◆Flexible employment period

The minimum is 24 months and the maximum is 36 months.

◆Adequate start-up funds

Research funding: 50,000 in science and engineering, and 30,000 in economics, management and arts.

◆Worry-free living support

Enjoy social insurance and housing provident fund prescribed by the state;

Enjoy public medical expenses of teaching staff;

Enjoy fine decoration of post-doctoral apartment or one-time housing subsidy of RMB 60,000;


2、Development channel

Flexible promotion channel

HHU has opened up the promotion channel for the introduced post-doctoral talents. You can apply for the teaching position of HHU in the month after the outbound appraisal is completed.

For talents with outstanding achievements, they can apply for special assessment for the deputy senior professional technical post.

Optimized management service

HHU has set up a post-doctoral Management Office to provide full-time service and guidance for post-doctoral talents.

3、Research platform

School overview

A long history of more than 100 years;

National key university directly under the Ministry of Education;

National “Double First-Class” Subject Construction University;

Shortlisted in the first-class discipline construction: Water Conservancy Engineering, and Environmental Science and Engineering;

Five disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI globally: Engineering, Environment/Ecology, Computer Science, Material Science, and Earth Science;

The first batch of units with the right to award doctorate, master, and bachelor’s degree in three grades;

National key university of the 211 Project and the construction of the 985 Project Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform;

Featured in Water Conservancy Engineering, dominated in engineering, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development.

◆First-class scientific research platform

There are 169 scientific research institutions, laboratories and research institutes in total, including:

2 national scientific research institutions (including 1 national key laboratory and 1 national engineering research center);

28 provincial and ministerial level scientific research institutions;

4 collaborative innovation centers;

7 international cooperative scientific research institutions;

5 municipal scientific research institutions;

123 major scientific research institutions on campus;

◆ Full coverage of post-doctoral mobile stations

At present, 16 post-doctoral mobile stations in first-level disciplines have been established. They are: Water Conservancy Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanics, Geological Resources and Engineering, and Survey Science, Agricultural Engineering, Marine Science, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Sociology, Marxist Theory.

4、Application conditions

We welcome talents with a good academic background, innovative vitality, academic potential, and independent research capabilities. It is required to have a Ph.D., and the time to obtain a Ph.D. is no more than 3 years, generally no more than 35 years old. When personal profile was transferred to HHU, you need to start full-time post-doctoral research work and enter the post-doctoral mobile station . The recruitment is divided into three classes of positions: A, B and C. The specific conditions are as follows:

Class Conditions
A Graduates from world-famous universities (the top 100 universities or disciplines in the world in that year), or other outstanding doctorate graduates may apply.
B Those who graduated from world-renowned universities (the top 300 overseas universities in the world in that year) or domestic first-class university, or those whose doctoral degrees belong to first-class discipline construction universities, or other outstanding doctorate graduates may apply.
C Full-time post-doctoral researchers who fail to meet the above two types of recruitment requirements.

Note: The ranking of universities is based on any of Times Higher Education, QS, American News and World Report, and Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

5、Application Method

Applicants should fill out the electronic version of the Application Form for Full-time post-doctoral Researchers at Hohai University (2020) and prepare the following certification materials:

(1) Resume;

(2) ID card (or passport);

(3) Graduation certificate and diplomas of doctor degree, and related qualification certificates;

(4) Representative achievements of scientific research: the approval form of all scientific research projects listed in the application form, patents and award certificates of all scientific research projects listed in the application form shall be provided; the full text of the journal papers and the relevant search retrieval certificates (need to be sealed by relevant search institution), the cover and catalog of the monograph, etc.

(5) Two recommendation letters from peer experts (one of which is from a doctoral supervisor);

Interested candidates please compress and send the above materials (electronic version or scanned copy) to the e-mail of each school, please rename the e-mail and compressed file as the name of post-doctoral mobile station + your name + cooperation supervisor’s name.

Receive application forms and application materials throughout the year!

6、Contact us

Address:No.1 Xikang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu

Contact person:Miss Xia (Post-doctoral Management Office)



Post-doctoral Research Directions and

Contact Information of each College/School/Department

Name of Unit Research directions Contacts
College of Hydrology and Water Resources Hydraulic Engineering (Hydrology and Water Resources, Urban Water Affairs, Ecological Water Conservancy) Miss Song


College of Water Conservancy and Hydro-power Engineering Hydraulic Engineering (Hydraulic Structure Engineering, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Water Conservancy and Hydro-power Engineering, Project Management of Water Conservancy, Smart Water) Miss Chen


College of Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering Hydraulic Engineering (Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering); Marine Science (Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Technology) Miss Zheng


College of Civil and Transportation Engineering Civil Engineering (Geo-technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering) Miss Xu


College of Environment Environmental Science and Engineering (Basin Water Environment Evolution, Water Resources Protection and Pollution Control, Farmland Pollution Prevention and Control, Comprehensive Treatment of River and Lake Water Environment, Drinking Water Safety, Environmental Materials) Miss Wu


College of Energy and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering (Electric Power System and Its Automation,Power Electronics and Power Drives, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Motors and Electrical Appliance, Electrical Theory and New Technology, Operation and Control of New energy Power System) Miss Zhang


Information Department Computer Science and Technology (Distributed Computing and Processing, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia Technology and Application, Network and Information Security);

Software Engineering (Software Engineering Methodology, Distributed Data Management and Efficient Computing, Big Data, Domain Software Development Technology, Computer Software and Theory);

Information and Communication Engineering (Information and Signal Processing, Telemetry and Remote Sensing System, Microwave and Detection Technology, Multidimensional Signal Processing, Communication Network and Special Communication System, Modeling and Application of Complex Information System)

Miss Fan


College of Mechanics and Materials Mechanics (Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, General Mechanics and Mechanics Foundation);

Materials Science and Engineering (Civil Engineering Materials, Materials Science, Material Processing Engineering, Material Physics and Chemistry)

Miss Zhao


School of Earth Science and Engineering Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology (Geodesy and Surveying Engineering, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering); Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (Geological Engineering, Earth Exploration and Information Technology, Groundwater Science and Engineering, Geological Information Engineering) Miss Zheng


College of Agricultural Science and Engineering Agricultural Engineering (Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering (Intelligent Irrigation Theory and Technology, Crop Life Water Demand Theory, Pumping Station Hydraulics, Water and Soil Resources Planning and Modern Management); Agricultural Bio-energy and Environment (Prevention and Control and Repair of Agricultural Water and Soil Environmental Pollution; Agricultural Water and Soil Resources Protection) Miss Zhang


College of Oceanography Marine Science (Physical Oceanography, Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Marine Technology) Mr Bao


Business School Business Management (Strategy and Technology Management, Water Conservancy and Hydro-power and Resource Technology Economy, Enterprise Operation and Marketing, Technological Innovation and Knowledge Management, Human Resource and Organization Management, Service Outsourcing and Transnational Operation, Accounting and Financial Management,Yacht Management);

Management Science and Engineering (Management Theory and Application, Project Management and Engineering Management, Financial Engineering and Investment Management, Information Management and E-commerce, Strategic Management and Planning Decision-making)

Miss Hua


School of Public Administration Sociology, Demography, Anthropology, Social Policy and Social Management, Social Work, Immigration Science and Management Miss Zhang


School of Marxism Marxist Theory (Basic Principles of Marxism, Research on the History of Marxist Development, Research on the Sinicization of Marxism, Foreign Marxist Research, Ideological and Political Education, Basic Issues of Modern Chinese History, and Party Building);

Philosophy (Marxist Philosophy)

Miss Deng



Doctoral majors are not limited, cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary applications are welcome!


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