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About School of Mechano- electronic Engineering

The School of Mechano- electronic Engineering (SMEE) of Xidian University has 6 bachelor programs in the community of mechanical and electric/electronic engineering, 2 of which are national first-class programs, 1 provincial first-class program and 3 accredited by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA). SMEE has 3 first-level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree, 3 post-doctoral research centers, and 2 first -level disciplines authorized to offer master degree. The Advanced Electromechanical Engineering is one of the key disciplines to be constructed in 2011 Collaborative Innovation plan,985 Project Innovation Platform and Project 211.

SMEE incorporates 6 departments and 2 institutes : Departments of Electronic Mechanism, Industrial Design, Automatic Control, Electrical Engineering, Observation & Control Engineering and Instrumentation, and Electronic Packaging, the Institute of Mechano-electronic Science and Technology, and the Institute of Information Processing. It has established a National 111 Project Innovation Base (the National “111” Project Base for Electronic Equipment Electromechanical Coupling Theory and Technology) and a key laboratory under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Education (the Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structural Design of the Ministry of Education (MOE)).There is also a provincial key laboratory (the Key Laboratory of Space Solar Power Station System), an international science and technology collaborative base (the Center for International Joint Research of Complex System), a nationwide experimental and educational center (the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Comprehensive Engineering Training), two virtual simulation laboratories at provincial level (the Center for Electronic Equipment Manufacture, and the Center for Measurement & Instrument), and a research center at provincial level (the Center for Mechano-electronic Engineering).

In recent years, SMEE has undertaken a great number of research projects including international projects, projects sponsored by 973 Program and 863 Program, key projects and key grant projects of the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), national defense pre-research projects, with remarkable outcomes including 3 second-prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and more than 20 Science and Technology Awards at ministerial and provincial level. In the scholar community, researchers from SMEE have published many research papers of high quality in international the reputable and authoritative journals at home and abroad, with one paper given the award of the National One-hundred Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, and two nominated for this nationwide glorious award.


Recruitment Requirements

Disciplines & Fields of research

Discipline Sub-discipline Field   of Research (partly  listed)
Mechanical   Engineering Mechanical   Manufacture and Automation,Mechanical Electronics Engineering, Mechanical   Design, Electronic Packaging Technology and Robotics Technology Principles of   structural-electromagnetic coupling of electronic equipment;precision   control of electronic equipment;modern   design theory and intelligent manufacturing technology;functional   structure and robotics;mechanism and   maneuver of deployable structures;   industrial big data of intelligent manufacturing;electromagnetic   compatibility and electromagnetic environment protection;dynamics   based analysis and control of mechanical system;advanced   packaging technology;micro electro   mechanical technology, etc.
Control   Science and Engineering Theory   of Control and Engineering Supervisory Control of Discrete   Event Systems;Petri Nets;Automata Theory and Complex Control   System;Intelligent Image Information Processing; Analysis and Control   of Multi-agent System;Evolutionary Games on Complex Networks; Stability   Control of Photoelectric Tracking; Special Servo Drive Control; Production   Process Control
Instrumental   science and Technology Test   and Measurement Technology and Instrument,Intelligent Electromechanical   System, andMeasurement & ControlTechnology Intelligent IoT Sensing   System;Phase Noise Measurement Technology;Failure Diagnosis and Anomaly   Detection; Micro-Nano Electromechanical Devices、Nano   Materials;Micro-Nano Manufacturing Technology
Electrical   Engineering Electric   Machines and Appliances Electrical Energy Transformation   and Research on Magnetoelectric Integration of Power Electronic System;Theory   and Control of Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Devices;Automation of   Electric Power Systems and Conversion of Electrical Energy from New Energy   Source
Mechanics Solid   Mechanics Structure and Mechanical Analysis   of Intelligent Materials;Structure reliability Design Under Multi-Field   Coupling;Analysis and Control of Structural Vibration


Job Types and Requirements

To join us, the candidates are supposed to be passionate about education. They are expected to be career-minded and have strong sense of team spirit, with rigorous style of research, sound in body and mind.

1. TALENTS PROGRAM (no limitation in number)

SMEE welcomes elites from home and abroad in frontier, interdisciplinary and new branches of science. The applicants are expected to be capable of organizing and leading competitive innovation research groups. Requirements and benefits are negotiable.


The candidates should be, in principle, holders of degree from universities abroad, with at least 1 year’s research or working experience overseas. Younger than 43 for the applicants of professor’s job;younger than 38 for the applicants of associate professor’s job;Individual Academic merits, Engineering merits, innovative merits; who have achieved considerable research results and have great potential for development in related disciplines, and could be competitive in various national youth talents programs.One of the following requirements shall be met.

  • (1)   Meet or basically meet the academic achievement requirements of national,ministerial or equivalent talent plans within an employment term.
  • (2)   Who have been selected into provincial or equivalent talent plans and projects, with an aspiration to advance into higher level plans in employment term.
  • (3)   Who have rich engineering practice experience, outstanding ability in application research, technology and system development; can solve key problems in practical application, make breakthrough in core technology, obtain important results or transform or industrialize the results; meet the needs of development of SEMM

Benefits: ¥350,000 annual salary for elite professors and ¥300,000 for associate professors.


Holders of doctorate degree from renowned universities both home and abroad; younger than 32 and younger than 35 for applicants with working experience at post-doctoral research stations; engaged in a research closely related to that of SMEE research teams in research direction; considerable individual academic merits; young talents who can quickly grow to be excellent teachers and researchers after training.


Holders of doctorate degree from renowned universities both home and abroad; younger than 32 and younger than 35 for applicants with working experience at post-doctoral research stations; engaged in a research closely related to that of SMEE research teams in research direction; considerable individual academic merits; young talents who can quickly grow to be excellent teachers and researchers after training.

5. POST-DOCTORAL PROGRAM(no limitation in number)

Holders of doctorate degree from renowned universities and research institutes both home and abroad; younger than 35; engaged in a research closely related to that of SMEE research teams in research direction; who have achieved good research results and have great potential for academic development; who have the capability to independently carry out relevant research activities.


Holders of doctorate degree from renowned universities and research institutes both home and abroad; younger than 32; younger than 35 for the applicants with postdoctoral experience; who have the experience of equipment management, use, and maintenance of public platforms; who are capable of undertaking experimental course teaching task and teaching reform projects, and have research capability.


(1) Younger than 45 for applicants of researcher’s job and younger than 40 for applicants of associate researcher’s job; who can assist the team leader to improve the team’s research and innovation ability; who have the capability to organize or undertake work in basic research, application research, engineering technology development and other research work; one of the following requirements shall be meet.

  1. Working as professors/associate professor or equivalent/higher positions in world-renowned universities or research institutes home and abroad
  2. Working as senior professionals in reputable enterprises in related industry; with rich experience in developing products and strong technical ability
  3. Prominent PhD graduates and/or post-doctors from universities and institutions worldwide.

(2) Associate researchers are expected mainly to undertake or assist in basic research, applied research, engineering technology development, experimental testing and other specific research work. Younger than 40; holders of master’s degree or higher degree in the advantageous disciplines from universities home and abroad; with strong capability for research and technology development or engineering application.

Recruitment Procedures

  1. The applicants shall send their resumes (word version) and relevant supporting materials to

the contact email of SMEE according to the job requirements.

To include in the resume: intent of job application, basic personal information, education

background (name of supervisor specified) and consecutive working experience; supporting materials including papers published in the past 5 years and achievements of academic research;

The importance of the applicants’ achievements should be clearly stated. A complete information about each paper should be listed, including all the authors, the publication status (such as literature retrieval, online publication, acceptance etc.) and publication date; please indicate the type of each literature retrieval, the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranking, influencing factors etc., once searched; for each scientific research project, please list its type, participants’ order, a brief description of the individual part; for each patent, please indicate all the patent owners, authorization or application number, authorization or application time.

  1. The SMEE shall conduct the preliminary selection of the best candidates. SMEE’s academic

committeewill conduct the interview and review the selected candidates after the examination of the preliminary selection, and submit the examination result and applicants’ supporting materials to the personnel department of Xidian.

  1. The results will be publicized after examination and approval by the personnel department of Xidian.
  2. After being approved by SMEE, the applicants shall go through relevant procedure and work at Xidian within the stipulated time.

Contact us:

Contact Person: Mr. GE

Tel:+86-029-88203115,UTC/GMT+08:00 during work days


Homepage : https://eme.xidian.edu.cn/

Add.: Main building III-147, North Campus of Xidian University, No.2 South Taibai Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China.

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