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I. Introduction to NWU

Northwest University (NWU) can trace its origins back to Shaanxi Imperial College and Peking Imperial College in 1902. The University received its current name in 1912 and was designated as one of the national key universities in China. It is located in Xi’an, the middle of Guanzhong Plain. NWU has been selected as the first batch of national “world-class discipline construction universities”, and one of the leading universities sponsored by the national “211 Project”. Currently, NWU is under the joint administration of the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi province.

NWU has been authorized to confer doctoral degrees in 24 first-tier disciplines, master’s degrees in 36 first-tier disciplines, and professional programs in 17 categories. NWU has developed 1 first-tier national key discipline (covering 5 second-tier disciplines), 4 second-tier national key disciplines, 1 national key discipline under cultivation and 22 post-doctoral programs. Moreover, NWU houses 1 national key laboratory, 1 national research center for engineering and technology, 3 national bases for international scientific and technological cooperation, 3 Base for University Discipline Innovation and Foreign Experts Introduction Project (111 Project), 1 national demonstration base for innovative talent cultivation, 3 national and local joint engineering research centers, 1 provincial and ministerial joint cultivation base for national key laboratory, 7 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, 7 national bases for talent cultivation with a national base for the cultural quality education of college students, 76 provincial (ministerial) research centers .

During the 13th Five Year Plan, Northwest University (NWU) will push to improve the working conditions for talents, make greater endeavor to provide research funds and support. As for remuneration, NWU will implement the Income Doubling Plan, and achieve a doubling in income in five years. In the aspect of scientific research, at least 50 million yuan will be invested each year for the construction of scientific research platforms, thereby intensifying the support for scientific research. In the aspect of team training, the NWU will carry out a series of talent projects including the “Northwest University Outstanding Talents Cultivation Plan,” the “Northwest University Leading Talents Support Plan” and the “Northwest University Excellent Youth Talents Support Plan.” In the aspect of talent services, the NWU will set up a high-level personnel project office and provide efficient services specifically aimed at high-level talents and cooperate in catering to NWU, Shaanxi province and national talents plan according the specialties of those talents. In the aspect of improving conditions in NWU, upgrading work on the campus will be accelerated, as will the construction of the staff residential buildings, and landscaping work.

Northwest University possesses an affiliated middle school, primary school, and kindergarten ranked as first rate within Shaanxi province. They are equipped to enroll the children of high-level talents. To ensure ease of work for the talents, NWU will provide each talent with an apartment , offer jobs for the spouse, and create a favorable working atmosphere.

II. Recruitment of disciplines

Earth science, Life and Medicine Science, Food Science and Technology, Electronic Information Technology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics, Cultural Heritage Protection, Economics and Management, and interdisciplinary areas between above-mentioned areas and other areas in Humanities and Social Science.

III. Eligibility and Qualifications

1. an earned PhD, a minimum of 2-year prior work experience, under 40 years of age (40 years of age included);

2. outstanding achievements in research as evidenced by an excellent record of publications and an internationally recognized scholarly profile in your discipline;

3. broad academic vision and innovative thinking and the potential of being a leader in the academic area involved;

4. a dedicated and conscientious research attitude and abidance by laws and ethics.


Type Conditions Treatment Others
A Long Term Academician and top international expert level One project one discussion
Short Term
B Long Term National Leading Talents Provide Competitive Salary and Scientific Research Funds Compared With Similar Experts 160 m2Talent room,Spouse placement
Short Term High-level talent apartment
C Long Term National Young Top-notch Talent Provide Competitive Salary and Scientific Research Funds Compared With Similar Experts Talent room,Spouse placement

V. How to Apply

Please send your CV by Email to High Level Talent Project Office of Northwest University:

The CV should cover information with respect to prior study and work experience, research focus and achievements ( a list of academic papers is required), etc;

VI. Contact us

Address: 229 Taibai North Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

Contact Office: High Level Talent Project Office of Northwest University

Contact person: Wang Hao; Fu Zengqi




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