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Fuzhou University Zhicheng College was approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and was established in July 2003 as a double-class university and a key university of the 211 Project.

The college firmly grasps the direction of socialism, follows the spirit of the motto “Mingde, erudition, perfection”, focuses on the orientation of the application-oriented university, focuses on cultivating students’ scientific spirit and humanistic qualities, and cultivates socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor. Insisting on improving the ability to serve the needs of the region and the industry, the college has built a “trinity” foundation for the construction of an applied university in terms of faculty, talent cultivation and platform building, striving to build a high-level applied university with a focus on engineering, characteristics and influence, and creating a cradle of engineering talents cultivation in Fujian Province. The college has 16 teaching units and 44 teaching units.

The college has 16 teaching units and 44 undergraduate majors, covering the leading industries of economic and social development, strategic emerging industries and traditional industries, and has developed into a comprehensive applied university with a focus on engineering and the coordinated development of science, engineering, economics, management, literature and arts. The size of students in school is over 12,000.

The college shares the high quality teachers’ resources of Fuzhou University and has built an innovative teaching team structure with “experts and scholars as subject leaders, famous professors as professional leaders, key teachers as teaching managers, Fuzhou University teachers and own teachers as the main force, and double-teacher and double-competent teachers as the force”, and built a “double-teacher and double-competent” teaching team with qualifications of teachers and engineers, and teaching ability and professional practice ability.

We advocate teachers to carry out applied scientific research and drive students to carry out innovation and entrepreneurial practice with teachers’ scientific research. The number of approved research projects has been increasing year by year, and more than 120 research projects have been approved in the past three years, including one key project of National Social Science Foundation, two projects of National Natural Science Youth Foundation, and one special research project for teachers of ideological and political theory courses of the Ministry of Education. In the past five years, students have been approved 50 national and 112 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students.

At present, the college has 4 provincial first-class undergraduate majors, 3 provincial applied disciplines, 4 provincial specialties, 3 provincial specialties in service industries, 4 provincial pilot majors in innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, 1 provincial model applied professional group, 7 provincial pilot professional groups in application-oriented transformation, 3 provincial experimental zones in talent training mode innovation, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 provincial virtual 2 provincial experimental simulation teaching centers, 2 provincial off-campus practice bases for college students, 3 provincial teaching teams, 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching project, 1 provincial key educational teaching reform research project, 18 provincial general educational teaching reform research projects, 4 provincial major educational teaching reform research projects, 3 provincial new engineering research and reform practice projects, provincial undergraduate university “comprehensive reform pilot” project. There are 4 pilot projects of “comprehensive reform of majors”, 6 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, 1 provincial high-quality online and offline hybrid course project, 1 provincial high-quality online and offline hybrid course cultivation project, 6 provincial high-quality courses, 6 provincial high-quality resource sharing courses, and 2 provincial high-quality online open courses.

In recent years, the college has been strengthening cooperation and exchange with high-level universities outside of China, establishing teaching and research cooperation platforms, jointly carrying out personnel training and scientific research, and upgrading the level of cooperation in school operation. The college has implemented mutual recognition of credits and courses with 13 universities in the United States, Germany, Canada, Britain, Japan and Australia, and jointly implemented “2+2”, “1+3” and “3+1+1” joint training modes. mode. In terms of cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, the college has established joint schooling relationship with four universities in Taiwan, and carried out in-depth teacher visits, student exchanges and scientific research cooperation.

At the same time, the college continues to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, jointly build an on-campus training platform, set up off-campus practice and internship bases, invite engineers and corporate executives with projects into the school to teach and train; carry out school-military cooperation, co-construct with land, sea and air forces in Fujian, further improve military training, military theory and national defense education teaching; promote school-government and school-ground cooperation, and strive to improve social service capabilities.

The college regularly invites famous teachers and scholars to be guests of the “Zhicheng Forum”, holds the “Confidence in Zhicheng” student forum, implements the “Dean into Zhicheng classroom” teaching activities, and invites the dean of relevant colleges of Fuzhou University to teach for Zhicheng students; pays attention to the cultivation of various student associations, has more than 60 student associations in academic theory, science and technology, culture and sports, literature and art, as well as computer innovation team, robotics innovation team, electronic design team and other discipline teams, and promotes the construction of elegant campus culture and campus own cultural brand, creating new stars in literature and art and multi-talented students.

The college insists on cultivating application-oriented talents for the economic and social development of Fujian region, and has trained more than 30,000 graduates. The average employment rate of graduates has reached over 96%, and the employment quality and employment level have been steadily improved year by year; more and more graduates have been exploring the path of self-employment and have achieved quality performance. The college has been awarded “Excellent” grade in the evaluation of employment of college graduates in Fujian Province, and is a provincial-level training base of entrepreneurship for college graduates in Fujian Province.

So far, students of the college have won more than 20 national patents, more than 40 international honors, more than 600 national honors and more than 1,000 provincial honors; in the past five years, more than 500 fresh graduates have been admitted to full-time master’s degree programs in famous universities in China, and the admission rate of graduate school ranks among the top in independent and private institutions in Fujian Province.



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