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About Shenzhen University of Technology

Shenzhen Technology University is an independent public applied undergraduate university in Shenzhen, aiming at cultivating high-level engineers and designers, and other top professionals with “artisanal characteristics” for high-end industrial development. The university is a high-level applied technology university at the undergraduate level and above, which is the focus of Shenzhen’s 13th Five-Year Plan, and is a concrete action to implement the “Eastward Strategy” of the municipal government.

The university is based on the College of Applied Technology of Shenzhen University, which was established in 2016 and established in August 2017, and was approved by the Ministry of Education on May 31, 2018 and entered the public list.

Shenzhen University of Technology is located in the Shijing area of Pingshan District, covering an area of 2,325 acres. The scale of operation is 28,000 students, including 22,000 full-time undergraduates, 3,000 professional masters and 3,000 international students.

On January 9, 2021, Shenzhen Technology University Jurong College (College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) was inaugurated, and the president of Jurong College is Liu Qingxia, a member of Canadian Academy of Engineering.


Faculties and Departments

The University currently has established the Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, College of Big Data and Internet, College of New Materials and New Energy, College of Urban Transportation and Logistics, College of Health and Environmental Engineering, College of Creative Design, College of Engineering Physics, College of Quality and Standards, College of International Exchange, College of Business, College of Pharmacy, College of Foreign Languages, College of Marxism (College of Humanities and Social Sciences), and College of Physical Education. The university has opened majors in mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, Internet of Things engineering, light source and lighting, transportation, automotive service engineering, industrial design, etc., which are highly suitable for economic development and industrial needs. By 2022, the university intends to offer 39 majors, covering five disciplines, including engineering, science, management, art, and economics.

The setting of colleges and majors of Shenzhen University of Technology fits the development needs of the city and enterprises. Focusing on 11 strategic key areas such as digital network equipment, new display, integrated circuits, new components and parts, robotics, precision manufacturing equipment, new materials, new energy vehicles, aerospace, marine engineering equipment and genetic engineering equipment as determined by the Shenzhen Action Plan of Made in China 2025, the specialties and curriculum are dynamically changed and closely matched with the needs of enterprises, so that the cultivated talents’ The practical ability and entrepreneurial ability of the trained talents can better meet the needs of professional positions, and become a service platform and booster for building an innovative city in Shenzhen.


International Exchange

Shenzhen University of Technology strengthens the international characteristics of schooling, builds international cooperation platform, cooperates with universities of applied technology in Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation in schooling. established cooperation projects and other aspects to strengthen the cooperation with the German side. As of July 2016, the Preparatory Office has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Arlen, Germany, and reached cooperation intentions with the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the University of Applied Sciences Witsburg, Germany, and is negotiating cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, the University of Applied Sciences Hannover, and the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, etc. In December 2016, the Preparatory Office of Shenzhen University of Technology and the East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences, Germany , and AGRES, Germany, signed cooperation agreements respectively.

In addition to the international convergence in majors and curricula, Shenzhen University of Technology cooperates deeply with Landshut University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany and University of Bern, Switzerland to set up Sino-German College (School of Advanced Manufacturing) and Sino-Swiss College (School of Health and Environmental Engineering) in Shenzhen University of Technology to cooperate in cultivating undergraduate applied technical skills talents and master high-end applied technical skills talents. At the same time, the joint establishment of Sino-German vocational education and training bases, international industry qualification certification and training in Shenzhen, the joint establishment of collaborative innovation laboratories, cooperation and research in industry-university research projects.


Campus Environment

Shenzhen University of Technology is located in Pingshan New District, with a total land area of 253 hectares. The scale of the university is 28,000 students, and the main construction contents are classrooms, laboratories, libraries, halls, sports rooms, etc. The total construction area of the project is 1257611 square meters. At the same time, 263200 square meters of outdoor sports grounds are constructed.


Shenzhen Technology University


Student’s Review

Link:; Source: Zhihu

How to evaluate Shenzhen University of Technology? It is a new type of university. As far as I know, universities of applied technology are more common in Germany. In China, this type of university is much less.


1. Sufficient Resources: There are many Shenzhen universities or returnees in the university, all kinds of “gods” in this field. Equipment resources are sufficient, a variety of courses can carry out experimental classes all carry out experimental classes. Our first class is basically the treatment of graduate students (according to the teacher).

2. International Perspective: Freshman year, the university reimbursed study abroad (has been carried out many times) mainly to Germany and the United States. There is also the International Week (German friends come to our school to visit and study, our students are responsible for the reception).

3. good learning culture: The library is full at night, the enthusiasm for learning is very high, the whole school atmosphere is very good. 4. optimistic prospects Our school has cooperation with BYD, Shenzhen Metro, Da Clan Laser, etc.. Also with many foreign universities of applied technology have cooperation. Basically, employment and graduate school abroad can be implemented. As long as you work hard, the school provides the appropriate environment as much as possible.


1. the location of the school is relatively remote I live in Shenzhen every time it takes 1.5-2 hours to go home school is far from the city. It is about 20min drive from the center of Pingshan.

2. the school is currently less active, but of course the basic club activities and top ten singers music festival or whatever are there. The school is unfinished and there are many places that have not been built, but the infrastructure is comprehensive. I heard that the main building and dormitory will be completed in June 19 (I heard that the dormitory is a two-person room). The first phase of the school is expected to be completed in 2020. The second phase is also estimated to be 2020+.


The development of a university can not be achieved overnight, need time to accumulate, but the thing is that Shenzhen Technology University is getting better and better!



Author: Anonymous User
Source: Zhihu

Shenzhen! Shenzhen?

1) Located in the (new) district of Pingshan, which is currently a “mountainous area”. I believe that many people choose this school because of the word “Shenzhen”, I put a question mark to show that this is not the same as the imaginary Shenzhen. Shenzhen University of Technology is located in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, only 15 minutes away from Huizhou City, Guangdong Province; Pingshan is still under development, so it is safe to say that students here will be studying in a relatively isolated place for the next few years.

2) Everything is under development and the speed of modernization is high. Pingshan is supported by Shenzhen, so it is modernized very fast, and I think it is “promising” in the future. The cultural landmarks, such as the grand theater, library, and art museum, are all being built.

3) It’s not far to Shenzhen, but it does take more time and money. From the school to the Shenzhen city is to take a drop to Pingshan high-speed railway station, and then take the intercity high-speed railway within 20 minutes to the Shenzhen North Station, and then start to take the Shenzhen subway to various places in the city. (Experience: from the Shenzhen North Station to the heart of Nanshan to take the subway to about an hour.) In addition, Pingshan’s BYD cloud bus is being built ready to open up, can save more time and money. If there is a school organization out practice visits school are chartered services.


Technology? Technology!

1) Why technology. The school introduction tweets of SZTU will emphasize the German model in learning. Germany is a country that cultivates technical talents, and many German engineering universities have the word technology in their names.

2) Visibility. The truth is, the school as a new school, established just 5 years ago, many people do not know is normal, so be misunderstood is other universities are often the experience; In addition, many people or the whole society as a whole on the word “technology” prejudice, the first reaction are vocational schools, will also think it is “Shenzhen Vocational and Technical School” (not to say that this school is not good!) (I heard that your school is the leading specialist, slay!) so come here to study every time someone asks about the basic will be misunderstood or confused, at first I was also very annoyed very helpless, and then get used to, sometimes have the patience will also be with each other science. In short, the mature development of a university to win the reputation of society still takes a long time.


The University

1) Dining halls. At present, there are three dining halls that I often go to. The Chinese restaurant, the Western restaurant, and the Juyun canteen. If you are tired of eating, you can order take-out (into various take-out groups hahaha); I think the Western restaurant is very good, it is a little expensive, I will not go often, but I think things are very good. At present, the volume of the dining hall is relatively small, can not choose as many dishes as the traditional university, in fact, because the number of students in school is still very small, so the volume is not large up.

2) Environment, activities. Relying on Shenzhen finance, Shenzhen’s universities are very rich. There is money really fragrant, living in the school itself feel that everything is taken for granted, feel advanced facilities, orderly, good environment, service is natural, but behind all the money is burning, are people in the pay. Personally, I think the dormitory environment of SZTU is very good, and the equipment for classes is also very good; SZTU introduces property management, which I personally feel is great, and the service is more systematic: the bathroom is always clean and fragrant, there are always security guys on the way to and from school to maintain order, 24-hour guard system and residence management service, and someone will come to fix the dormitory leaks or other problems by calling at night. ……; the school also has enough big activities such as orientation party, New Year concert, high table dinner, international week etc.

3) Teaching/Management. The new university has its own problems, that is for sure. Not mature and complete education and teaching and administrative management system etc. Oh yeah, one more thing, German is compulsory in freshman year, which is great.


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