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Sichuan University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, and is a high-level research comprehensive university in western China. Located in Chengdu, the “Land of Heaven”, a famous historical and cultural city in China. The university has three campuses: Wangjiang, Huaxi and Jiang’an, covering an area of 7,050 mu and a building area of 2,694,000 square meters. The campus is an ideal place for studying and learning, with its elegant environment, lush flowers and trees, green grass and pleasant scenery.


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Domestic Ranking

SCU is ranked 14th in China in 2019, according to the data published by Aresen China Alumni Association University Rankings. On April 26, 2021, SCU was ranked 14th in the “2021 Soft China University Rankings”.


International Rankings

In 2021, SCU was ranked 451st in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.


Numbers and Facts

Chinese Name

川大,ChuanDa or SCU

Chengdu, Sichuan

Wangjiang Campus: No. 24, Sec. 1 South of Yihuan Road, Wuhou District Huaxi Campus: No. 17, Sec. 3, Renmin South Road, Wuhou District Jiang'an Campus: Sec. 2, Chuanda Road, Shuangliu District

Department in charge
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Current leaders
President: Li Yanrong, Secretary of Party Committee: Wang Jianguo

Campus Day
September 29th

Famous Alumni
Zhu De, Ba Jin, Yang Shangkun, Guo Moruo, Chen Changzhi, Dai Bingguo, Ke Zhaoge, Wu Yuzhang, Jiang Zhuyun, Dumpling

Institution Code

National Key Disciplines
5 first-level disciplines 46 second-level disciplines (including first-level discipline coverage)

Institution Type

Full-time academicians
20 (including 9 double-appointed academicians)

Postdoctoral points
37 scientific research mobile stations

Doctoral Points
47 first-level disciplines authorized for doctoral degrees 277 authorized points for doctoral degrees

Master's degree points
361 master's degree authorized points

Date of Establishment

Type of Institution

Institutional Attributes
Project 985 (selected in 2001); Project 211 (selected in 1997); World Class University Construction University Class A (selected in 2017), National Key University, 2011 Plan

Undergraduate majors

Faculties and Departments

34 discipline-based colleges and schools such as Graduate School and School of Overseas Education

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National Research Bases
13 (as of January 2019)

National Outstanding Youth
46 (as of January 2019)
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