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Foreign Language Teachers Recruitment

Guangdong University of Finance is a state owned higher education institution administrated by Guangdong Education Bureau, the only university of finance in South China. The university was founded in 1950 as Bank School of People’s Bank of China (the central bank of China). The University consists of three campuses: Guangzhou Campus (Main Campus),Zhaoqing Campus and Qingyuan Campus. The Guangzhou campus locates in Longyandong, Tianhe Dsitrict of Guangzhou, contiguous to South-China Botanical Garden and Longyandong Forest Park, and Zhaoqing Campus is right on the side of the beautiful Star-lake.

Qingyuan Campus locates in Dongcheng Street, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan. It’s situated in the core area of Guangdongvocational educationcityand covers an area of 1,385 acres. The university currently offers 51 undergraduate programs, including all undergraduate programs in the field of finance.

It is the only university in China that offers all ten undergraduate programs in finance. The programs of finance, insurance, and accounting are designated as national-level first-class undergraduate programs, while 14 other programs, including credit management, are designated as provincial-level first-class undergraduate programs. Applied economics, business administration, finance, and economic law are key disciplines in Guangdong Province. As the only applied undergraduate institution, the university participates in the development of the national teaching quality standards for undergraduate finance programs.

Numbers of full-time foreign English teachers needed: 5

Job vacancy: Oral English Teacher

Job description: Full-time foreign teachers of English for undergraduate students

Work address: Tianhe district, Guangzhou

Work Time: September 1st,2023—July 31st, 2024 (the contract could be renewed on expiration)

Workload:12 teaching hours at maximum per week (one teaching hour equals 45 minutes)

Courses to be offered:Oral English, Business Oral English, Advanced Oral English

Salary and benefits:

  • 1. Pre tax salary: RMB 7500-12500;
  • 2. Medical insurance as established by school authorities; accident insurance.

Teacher’s Requirements:

  • 1. Native English Speaker;
  • 2. Under 60 Years Old;
  • 3. Master or above;
  • 4. Two-year teaching experience in the field of English.

Materials required:

  • 1. CV with ID photo attached;
  • 2. Personal statement;
  • 3. Copy of diploma;
  • 4. Copy of passport page of ID and visa.

List of Foreign Teachers at GDUF including Malaysian, Filipino, and Canadian Teachers

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