English Lecturer Position at UESTC in Chengdu

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

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Step 1 to 8 of the English Teaching Application Procedure – from applying to arriving in country

The details of the teacher application process are somewhat different for each individual person or couple. This document describes the basic steps of a typical process, and provides general requirements that are applied to all applicants for teaching positions in China.


Step 1

Submit your résumé/CV and include your photo as attachment. A cover letter is only needed if you have specific details that you wish to bring to our attention: e.g. you will be accompanied by a family member, or your friend is a candidate as well, and you both want to be placed in the same location or share an apartment. Ensure that you include the following details in your resume: full name, date of birth, nationality, highest education level achieved, date available to start teaching, address, phone number and email address, previous teaching experience (if any), and work and education background. If you are overseas, tell us where you will be coming from.


Step 2

Each applicant will receive a confirmation email from us, acknowledging receipt of their resume. We will evaluate your candidacy, and then contact you requesting the following documents, if you have not already sent them.

– a copy of your passport details page
– a copy of your diploma/degree

To save time, you should send these documents as attachments with your application


Step 3

Once we have the required documents, we will send you a concrete job offer, with the details of the school, level that you will teach, etc. If you have no preferences, we will find a suitable assignment for you from the available positions. When we send you the information about a specific job opening, it is very likely that we will accept your application.


Step 4

This is the stage to make sure that you understand the contract and are fully comfortable with the terms – we will explain any details that need clarification.


Step 5

Once you have a clear idea about all the aspects of the available position, and you confirm to us that you are interested to pursue this position, We will send all the required materials.


Step 6

Once the contract is agreed upon, you will sign the contract, and send it via email or fax.


Step 7

Our local government require a medical exam and a report from your local hospital before your arriving at our university, then you can be issued a work permit and an invitation letter (also called visa issuance letter). In such cases, we will email you a standard form for the medical exam.

Please note:
1. the medical form should have your photo attached to it, with a seal imprinted across the photo and the medical form (needs to cover both)
2. the items listed on the medical form should all be carefully reviewed for accuracy.
3. please email or fax us your medical results soon after you have gone through medical test.
4. please bring the original and attested medical results including the X ray photo with you when you come to China, otherwise you will have to go through medical test again after you have arrived in China.


Step 8

At this stage, we will obtain the visa for you. Your work permit and visa issuance letter will be sent to you. Once you have received the work permit and the visa issuance letter, you will need to take these documents to your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate, along with passport photos and your passport.

Feel free to Contact us at any stage of the process with questions about the status of your application, or if you simply need advice.

Teaching at our university will be a great experience; you will learn more about different cultures and people, and you will be able to create personal and business contacts that will last a lifetime. Start Consulting is committed to make this an enjoyable, safe, and enriching experience!


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