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广州科技职业技术大学 2024年外籍教师招聘启事

Guangzhou Vocational University of Science and Technology 2024 foreign teacher recruitment notice


In order to further enhance the internationalization level of our University, fully achieve the goal of cultivating international, interdisciplinary, and practical talents, and meet the demand for foreign teachers in foreign language teaching, we are now publicly recruiting outstanding foreign teachers both domestically and internationally.


Job Positions and Work Contents



1. 英语专业课程教学或全校专业的公共英语课程教学及考试。

2. 原则上完成每周14学时的教学工作量。

3. 完成校、院的临时教学安排。

Job Position: Full-time Foreign Teachers (5 positions)

Work Contents:

1. Teaching and examining English major courses or public English courses for all majors.

2. Completing a minimum of 14 class per week on a principle basis.

3.Complete the temporary teaching arrangements at the University and college.


Basic condition

1. 年龄60周岁以下,身心健康,热爱高等教育事业,遵纪守法,思想品德端正,工作作风严谨,具有良好的职业道德、职业素质和团队合作精神。

2. 遵守中华人民共和国法律和法规,在其原居住国内无法律纠纷,无犯罪记录。

3. 大学本科以上学历,语言学专业优先录取。

4. 母语或第一语言为英语,并具有2年以上的相关语言教学经历。取得教育类、语言类或师范类学士及以上学位的,或取得符合要求的国际语言教学证书(如TEFL或TESOL证书),可免除工作经历要求。

5. 具有外国专家证的优先。(如未取得,学校可协助办理外国专家证。)

1. Applicants must be under 60 years old, in good health, passionate about higher education, law-abiding, with a good character, rigorous work style, and excellent professional ethics, professional qualities, and team spirit.

2. Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, have no legal disputes in their country of origin, and have no criminal records.

3. Bachelor degree or above, linguistics major is preferred.

4. Applicants must be fluent in English as their mother tongue or first language and have at least 2 years of relevant language teaching experience. Applicants who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher in education, language, or pedagogy, or who have obtained a suitable international language teaching certificate (such as TEFL or TESOL certificate), may be exempted from the requirement of work experience.

5. Preference will be given to those who have a Foreign Expert Certificate. (If not, the University can assist in obtaining the certificate.)

工资待遇 Salary and Benefits


According to the current salary scheme of the University, the salary standard for foreign teachers is: 380 yuan per class, paid according to actual workload.












1. Resume

2. Identity proof: passport (scanned copy of the information page).

3. Academic qualifications, degrees, and certification from the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad.

4. Criminal record certificate and certification from the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad.

5. Work experience certificate and its Chinese translation.

6. Achievements, awards, and appointment certificate and their Chinese translation.

7. Foreign teachers transferring from within China: in addition to submitting all the above materials, they should also submit the following materials: Foreigners work permit in China, valid residence permit (scanned copy).

8. Foreign nationals within China are required to provide a visa with a validity period of three months or more. (scanned copy of passport information page).

9.Other materials to prove that the applicant meets the job requirements and their Chinese translation.

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