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Xiamen University of Technology

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Employer: Xiamen University of Technology 

The School of Applied Mathematics has vacancies for individuals who would like to teach one of the following courses:

1.Data Structure

Course outline:The basic method for the linear list to achieve basic operations in a sequential storage structure and to achieve the linear list operation in a linear list structure, the two implementations of the stack type to use the stack and queue properly to achieve a variety of other operations using basic string operation, the recursive and non-recursive algorithm, and the method to establish Huffman coding.

2.Database Fundamentals and Application

Course outline: Introduction to Oracle relational database and its structure, SQL structured query language, PL/SQL programming, the creation and use of various types of table, index types and works and its management, creation and use of views and sequences and synonyms, triggers and event concurrency control, Oracle user rights management, storage structure management, and database backup and restore.


Master’s Degree in a relevant field

Five years or more of combined work experience

What we offer:

– an up-front, transparent and professional profile throughout your employment

– competitive remuneration

– performance bonuses

– very comfortable campus accommodation in a laid-back semi-rural setting

– full support in obtaining/renewing your work visa

– health insurance

Important !

In compliance with government regulations of the People’s Republic of China, Fujian Province and Xiamen Municipality, we require that all applicants:

– hold a tertiary education degree from an accredited institution in their respective countries

– abide by Chinese laws and refrain from any political or religious activity for the duration of their employment

– are in good health and able to pass a physical examination specified by the Xiamen Quarantine Bureau

We thank you for your understanding.

Contact information:

Please email your application and résumé with scans of your degree and passport photo page to


*While we thank all those who apply, only qualified candidates will be contacted.

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