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柬埔寨 研究中心 历史学(东南亚史);国际政治学(亚太政治);文化人类学与民俗学;传播学(国际传播;跨文化传播);与柬埔寨研究相关的其它专业 博士

联系人:赵主任,电话:15279202642 (同微信); 邮箱


The Cambodia Research Center of Jiujiang University was established in May 2017 and was approved by the Ministry of Education as the “Country and Regional Research Filing Center” in the same year. Its predecessor was the Cambodia History and Culture Research Center of Jiujiang University, which was one of the earliest institutions in China to engage in Cambodia’s national research. The purpose of the center is to build a Cambodian national research institution that integrates academic research, talent cultivation, policy consultation, and international exchange, with a comprehensive discipline, first-class team, and advanced management. It will serve national diplomacy, local construction, and school development with academic services. The center currently has five full-time researchers, sixteen part-time researchers and consultants both inside and outside the school. Former Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia, Zhang Jinfeng, serves as honorary director, Vice President Chen Chunsheng also serves as executive deputy director, and Associate Professor Wang Xianmiao is responsible for daily specific affairs.

Jiujiang University, relying on the Jiujiang Chinese Language Base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Confucius Institute of Cambodia, has been committed to establishing extensive and close contacts with various sectors of Cambodian society since the beginning of 2000, promoting and exchanging Chinese language and culture, and promoting the development and tracing of friendly relations between China and Cambodia. Since 2010, Jiujiang University has sent experts to Cambodia every year to participate in relevant academic and thematic seminars. Over the past decade, a series of works have been published in Cambodia, including “Sino Cambodia Relations during the Norodon Sihanouk Era” (2016) and “Millennium Friendship – A History of Sino Cambodia Friendship Relations (Middle Ages)” (2012), producing a number of influential scientific research achievements. After the official establishment of the Cambodian Research Center in May 2017, guided by the deployment of national and regional research work by the Ministry of Education, it further integrated academic resources both inside and outside the school, and is committed to interdisciplinary research in Cambodia’s politics, history, culture, religion, and other aspects.


History of the Cambodian Research Center (Southeast Asian History); International Politics (Asia Pacific Politics); Cultural anthropology and folklore; Communication studies (international communication; cross-cultural communication); PhD in other fields related to Cambodian research

Contact person: Director Zhao, Tel: 15279202642 (same as WeChat); Email:

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