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The School of Foreign Languages was established in July 2004 by the merger of the Foreign Languages Department of the former Jiujiang Finance and Economics College, Jiujiang Normal College, Jiujiang Medical College, and Jiujiang Education College. It is now the Vice President Unit of Jiangxi Foreign Languages Society, the Vice President Unit of Jiangxi Comparative Literature Society, and the Director Unit of Jiangxi Translation Association.

The college has five functional departments, including the Office, Teaching and Research Management Department, Student Management Department, Ideological and Political Education Department, and Language Experimental Teaching Center. There are eight teaching and research departments, including the English Teaching and Research Department, Business English Teaching and Research Department, Japanese Small Language Teaching and Research Department, Translation Teaching and Research Department, College English First, Second, Third, and Fourth Teaching and Research Departments, as well as teaching and research institutions such as the National Studies Translation Center and Doctoral Studio. Currently, there are English, Business English, Translation Four undergraduate majors in Japanese, with 2225 students enrolled.

The college has a strong faculty, with 179 faculty members, including 150 full-time teachers, 5 professors, 52 associate professors, and 2 experimenters; 24 doctoral students, 2 current doctoral students, and 112 master’s students; 2 part-time master’s supervisors, 2 middle-aged and young backbone teachers in Jiangxi Province, and 1 leading talent in Jiujiang City’s “Double Hundred and Double Thousand” program.

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