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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTECH) is a public innovation university led and managed by Guangdong Province and established by Shenzhen with the power of the whole city, aimed at quickly completing an international high-level research university and an important base for China’s research of significant sciences and technologies and cultivation of top innovation talents. SUSTECH adheres to the school-establishing spirits “dare to break through and dare to try, be realistic and pragmatic, reform and innovate, pursue excellence” and highlights the running characteristics “knowledge creation, innovation, entrepreneurship”. In order to further advance the disciplinary development, SUSTECH Arts Center hereby openly recruits full-time teacher(s). Warmly welcome any experts or scholar to apply.

Recruitment requirements

  • Have a doctoral degree in arts (in one of the following area: music, dramatic art, fine arts, dancing art, new media art, media, intangible cultural heritage and modern and contemporary art);
  • Have the fluent English conversation and exchange skills, and those who master a second foreign language shall be in priority;
  • Have the ability to open a school-wide optional course of general education;
  • Have the relevant work experience of more than three years, and those who have the experience in college teaching shall be in priority;
  • In addition to teaching, the work content covers the school art troupe construction and management and the campus activity planning so those who have the relevant experience shall be in priority.

Please send your applications to arts@sustech.edu.cn

To apply to join our team, please click the apply link below and provide the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • PhD certificate
  • Five published articles (Within the last five years)
  • Executive summary of academic achievements & proposed research or work plan (1000 words)
  • Letter of recommendation and the names and email addresses of 3 referees (university professors)


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  • This job has expired!
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