Postdoc position in Computational materials Lab, School of Engineering

Westlake University

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Postdoc position in Computational materials Lab, School of Engineering

Category: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: SE

Location: Yungu, Hangzhou, CN

Employment Type: Full-time


Introduction of the Lab/ Research Field

The Computational Materials Lab is led by Professor Yizhou Zhu at School of Engineering in Westlake University. Our research focus on using computation to understand, discover, design and engineering advanced materials. By using various computational tools, including first principles computation, molecular dynamics simulation, high-throughput computation, machine learning etc., we aim to provide fundamental understanding about the structure-property relationship of materials science, and propose strategies to design and engineer functional materials. We collaborate closely with leading experimental research groups at the Westlake University and across the world.

The current research focuses of our group include: understanding and engineering of point defects in inorganic materials, interface engineering in all-solid-state batteries; design of high entropy materials etc.


Job Description

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow (2)


1)Have obtained or about to obtain a Ph.D. degree in physics, materials science, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering or related field, aged under 35.

2)Good publication track record, as demonstrated by first-author papers in peer-reviewed journals

3)Strong background in physics/material science

4)Good written and oral communication skills.


Compensation and Benefits

The research team offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with the selected candidate’s qualifications and experience. Applications for relevant projects and programs will be encouraged and supported.

Postdoc(s) selected for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation or Zhejiang Province Selected Funding for Postdoctoral Research Projects will be entitled to further receive a supporting fund of the same amount from the Hangzhou municipal government.

Postdoc(s) who work in Hangzhou on a full-time basis after completing their postdoctoral research will be eligible for applying an allowance of 400,000RMB from the Hangzhou municipal government.


How to Apply

To apply, please send CV and other documents in PDF format to and indicate “Postdoc Application” in the email subject.

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