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Overview of CUG

Situated at the foot of the Nanwang Mountain and on the bank of East Lake, China University of Geosciences is a key national university under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is also listed in “Project 211” and “Double First-Class Initiative”.

Focusing on the frontier of academic disciplines and the needs of economic and social development, CUG has built an academic ecosystem in which multiple disciplines develop coordinately with earth sciences as the leading one. At present, CUG boasts two national first-level key disciplines and 16 Hubei provincial key disciplines. Two first-level disciplines, “geology” and “geological resources and geological engineering”, rank first respectively among their counterparts in every national discipline assessment. CUG has 23 schools, 65 undergraduate programs, 34 first-level discipline master’s programs, 16 doctoral programs and 15 postdoctoral research stations. CUG confers 10 professional master’s degrees including MBA, MPA and Master of Engineering which covers 14 engineering fields.

CUG boasts more than 3,225 staff members, including over 1,876 teachers. The faculty include 11 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 310 Ph.D. supervisors, 520 professors and 927 associate professors. There are 86 research institutions, laboratories, and research institutes/centers, including 2 state key laboratories, 1 state research center for engineering technology, 1 international cooperation base of science and technology for geological engineering and 1 demonstration base for training innovative talents respectively supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The university has a perfect experimental and practical teaching system, including 3 state demonstration centers for experimental teaching and 1 state experimental teaching center for virtual simulation.

Carrying forward the CUG motto of “working hard with a plain lifestyle, seeking truth with a pragmatic attitude”, CUG adheres to the value of “seeking the harmonious development of man and nature”. To provide technological solutions to resource and environmental problems faced by the region, the industry and the mankind, the university is committed to providing high-caliber scientific and technological support and to cultivating high-quality talents who have lofty morality, solid foundation, and profound expertise, and who pursue the unity of knowing and doing. CUG strives to achieve the strategic plan of “a Beautiful China, a Habitable Earth —Building a World-Renowned Research University in Earth Sciences”.

Fields of study

CUG offers various majors, covering mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, atmospheric science, marine science, geophysics, geology, biology, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, information and communication, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, science and technology of surveying and mapping, geological resources and geological engineering, petroleum and natural gas engineering, environmental science and engineering, software engineering, safety science and engineering, management science and engineering, applied economics, law, Marxist theory, education, psychology, sports science, foreign languages and literature, journalism and communication, business administration, public administration, design science, etc.

Postdoctoral positions


In 2020, the university continues to create an excellent research platform and improve salaries and benefits of postdoctoral researchers. We warmly welcome PhD graduates (including fresh graduates) from home and abroad to apply for postdoctoral positions. There are four types of postdoctoral positions available.



Types of Post-doctors     Annual Salary
Type A Post-doctors More than 300,000 RMB
Type B Post-doctors More than 240,000 RMB
Type C Post-doctors More than 200,000 RMB
Project-Based Post-doctors More than 180,000 RMB
NOTE: Salary of 36 months maximum

2) Incentives

Award for high-level achievements and outstanding performance in scientific research;

One-time bonus for awardee of “Excellent Post-doctors” in research completion appraisal;

“Excellent Post-doctors” enjoys a service time requirement waiver in applying for specially-appointed professor (research fellow) and specially-appointed associate professor (associate research fellow).

3) Benefits:

Social security of Hubei Province, state-funded medical care, and affiliated school enrollment policy (the same as CUG faculty’s) for children.

How to Apply

For application, please prepare the following documents, make a PDF file (with the same sequence) and e-mail it to the contact of each department. (The subject of E-mail and the title of PDF file should be “NAME+POST-DOCTOR APPLICATION+ADVISOR’S NAME)

1)Curriculum Vitae;

2)Scanned copies of main academic research results (Book covers and table of contents should be provided for monographs, full articles for academic papers, official documents for research projects, and certificates for awards/patents);

3)Diploma and Degree Certificates of PhD (The document that approves dissertation defense should be submitted, if certificates are not currently available);

4)Scanned copy of ID or Passport.


Xia Xueping 027-67884879, (for postdoctoral positions)

For further information, please refer to the website of Office for Talents:

Contacts List of Postdoctoral Stations

Postdoctoral Stations Contacts Tel E-mail
School of Earth Sciences  Lin Wenjiao 027-67883001
School of Earth Resources     Zhang Ran 027-67883053
School of Materials Science and Chemistry Fan Liang 027-67884283
School of Environmental Studies  Zhang Xuehai 027-67886263
School of Engineering  Yang Guanqing 027-67883507
School of Geophysics and Geomatics   Zhou Qunfeng 027-67883567
School of Marine Science and Technology  Zhang Xiaofeng 027-67886151
School of Mechanical Engineeringand Electronic Information   Wang Yihong 027-67883273
School of Automation Zhang Zhongyuan 027-87519528
School of Economics and Management       Hai Ming 027-67883578
School of Geography and Information Engineering      Xiao Qizhi 027-67883727
Geomological Institute       Gao Bo 027-67883748
School of Public Administration      GaoQiuli 027-67883229
School of Computer Science    GuoXiaolan 027-67883716
School of Maxism     RenZhong 027-67848620
State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes and Mineral Resources      Liu Hui 027-67885096
State Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology Zhou Wenfeng 027-67883452
Collaborative Innovation Center for Scarce Minerals         XuJia 027-67883058
National Engineering Research Center of Geographic Information System      Peng Jing 027-67883061
Three Gorges Research Center for Geohazards, Ministry of Education   Gong Songlin 027-67884006
Key Laboratory of Geological Survey and Evaluation, Ministry of Education Li Xiangnan 027-67886247

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