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Multiple positions of postdoctoral researchers are available in the Materials Chemistry and Processing Group at the School of Engineering of Westlake University, a new private research institute located in the city of Hangzhou, China. Led by Jiaxing Huang, Chair Professor of Materials, the group aims to create new knowledge, materials and techniques that are potentially useful for better living.

We are looking for candidates with specific expertise in the following areas. However, strong candidates with ambitious research ideas in the general areas of nanomaterials and materials chemistry are also encouraged to apply.

Area 1: Experimental and/or computation work regarding molecule-surface interactions (e.g., ligand-surface charge transfer, cation-pi interaction, and others) with relevance to colloidal behaviors in solvents and surface chemical/electrochemical reactions.  

Area 2: Experimental work regarding the sintering of ceramic powders through dry and/or wet routes, which may involve chemical and physical methods such as thermal, pressure and flash sintering.

Area 3: Experimental work in phenolic and benzoxazine resin polymers.

Area 4: Respiratory droplets: Capture of aerosol droplets by surface engineering, chemical analysis of dried droplets, and design/organization of human subject study.

Your Opportunity and Qualifications

Qualification for candidates:

1) A Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines.

2) Strong research background with quality publications (does not equal to the impact factor of the journals).

3) Good command of English (spoken and written), excellent communication and team skills.

Candidates are expected to:

1) Actively participate in on-going projects and collaborations.

2) Timely disseminate research findings through publications and conferences.

3) Co-supervise undergraduate and graduate students.

4) Contribute to the team-building and well-being of the group.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to pursue their own new research ideas and initiate new collaborations as needed. Westlake has state-of-the-art research facilities and outstanding supporting staff. Candidates will be well supported to pursue their scientific ambitions. They also have the opportunities to respond to various external fellowships for the benefit of their career development.

Salary, Benefits, and Research Funding

1) We offer competitive salary, benefits, and research funding for the candidates.

2) We encourage and support applications for relevant projects and programs. Those who obtain funding from the Postdoctoral Foundation of China or the Advanced Programs of Zhejiang Province, are entitled to receive the same amount of additional grant from the government.

3) After completing the postdoc program, the government will provide an allowance of 400, 000 RMB to those who will work full-time in Hangzhou.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a CV, a brief research statement of relevant research experience and/or research interest, and names of at least 2 references. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt until the positions are filled.

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