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Introduction to SZBL

Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, hereinafter referred to as SZBL, is a newly established Guangdong Provincial Laboratory. Located in the heart of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, SZBL aspires to be a world-class research institution and intellectual destination dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and diseases. The overarching aim of SZBL is to provide comprehensive and whole-of-life approaches to disease prevention and intervention with bio-inspired technology to explore bioinformatics, biomedicine and medical imaging. Key focuses of research include cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurological and psychiatric disorders, and infectious diseases.

As a burgeoning institution, SZBL has convened more than 80 research groups with multidisciplinary backgrounds and professional expertise to push forward the vision of “Science for Global Health”. For more information about SZBL and its research, please visit


Introduction to the Programme

Shenzhen Bay Scholars Programme, initiated at the year of 2021, designed to host and sponsor Shenzhen Bay Scholar and Shenzhen Bay Fellow, is launched to advance SZBL’s talent pipeline, support innovative research, and promote interdisciplinary cooperation with external institutions.

Shenzhen Bay Scholar is a part-time position, which invites extraordinary scholars from peer-institutions to do visiting research at SZBL. Shenzhen Bay Fellow is a full-time position, which offers talented and promising early-career-researchers the opportunity to start their own independent/semi-independent research in a nurturing and multidisciplinary environment at SZBL.

The employment term is three years in a general scope. Upon evaluation and re-application, another term could be extended for Shenzhen Bay Scholar. For Shenzhen Bay Fellow, applications for Junior Principal Investigator position would be welcomed based on the excellency in work performance.


Eligibility Criteria

We anticipate applicants for Shenzhen Bay Scholar with one of the following qualifications: (i) as outstanding scientists possessing evidence of international recognition and demonstrated track record; (ii) as hospital doctors with independent project leadership experience in delivering influential clinical research; (iii) as enterprise research personnel with independent project leadership experience in delivering influential R&D work. All applicants should have worked in scientific disciplines closely related to SZBL’s current and future research agenda. After officially appointed, Shenzhen Bay Scholar need to base his/her work in SZBL for a minimum of three months per year during the term of appointment.

For Shenzhen Bay Fellow, applicants should be doctoral graduates (Ph.D./D.Eng./M.D.) for up to three years after graduation. Additionally, we anticipate applicants to have innovative minds and excellent academic training.

Regarding research fields and research areas we need, please look up to the detailed information of our institutes and centers on our website


Responsibilities and Support

For Shenzhen Bay Scholar:

1. Conduct collaborative research with a current SZBL PI in line with the general mission and strategic plan of SZBL and target institute/center;

2. Take part in major projects or major platform construction of SZBL;

3. SZBL provides state-of-the-art core facilities and necessary personnel.

For Shenzhen Bay Fellow:

1. Conduct independent/collaborative research in line with the general mission and strategic plan of SZBL and target institute/center;

2. SZBL provides state-of-the-art core facilities and stable research funds.


Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits must comply with rules and regulations of SZBL. Shenzhen Bay Fellow, as a full-time position, is entitled to all benefits provided to full-time staff, including insurance and housing fund, supplementary medical insurance, annual physical examination, paid annual leave, public rental housing, and children’s education. For international staff, we also help them to apply for work permit, residence permit and foreign tax preference.


Application Guide

Required documents:

1. Cover letter;

2. Curriculum vitae, including lists of publications and research funding;

3. A brief research summary and research plan as a SZBL fellow;

4. Names, affiliations and contact details of at least three references. Regarding the application for Shenzhen Bay Scholar, one reference must be a current SZBL Principal Investigator who would be the potential collaborator of the applicant. Required application documents should be merged into one single PDF file and sent to Ms. Li at The applicant’s target institute/center should be indicated in the email or in the application file.

All personal information provided to SZBL during the application process will be handled in strict confidentiality, and will not be disclosed to any third party. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated upon receipt, and fellow positions will remain open until filled.

SZBL provides equal opportunity and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community.


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