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The Department of English was honored with the Shanghai Municipal Undergraduate Education Highland Project in 2005, a grade of A in the Ministry of Education assessment of nationwide English programmes in 2006, and the nation’s prioritized first-rate undergraduate programme in 2022. Of the 33 full-time instructors in the department, there are 11 full professors (including one specially-appointed professor, one interpreter-cum-examiner, and one specially-appointed researcher), 9 associate professors, 24 Doctors of Philosophy, 11 PhD supervisors, and 28 MA supervisors. 75% of its faculty members have earned their doctorates, and more than 94% of them have ever studied abroad. Currently, the department boasts one second-level interdisciplinary PhD programme entitled Language, Culture and World Civilization, one first-level master’s programme entitled Foreign Language and Literature, two second-level academically-oriented master’s programmes entitled Foreign & Applied Linguistics and English Language & Literature, one professionally-oriented master’s programme entitled Master of Translation & Interpreting with a focus on English Translation, and one undergraduate English programme.

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