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Hubei University, located in Wuhan, capital city of Central China’s Hubei Province, is a key comprehensive university jointly administered by Hubei Provincial Government and China’s Ministry of Education, covering arts, history, philosophy, science, engineering, economics, law, management, education, agriculture and medicine, with the disciplines of Material Science and Chemistry ranking top 1% in the world ESI. With a history of eighty-seven years, it attracts more than 2000 devoted staff members, 1100 of whom are faculty members for teaching and research, including 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, 670 professors and associate professors. Its full-time student enrollment amounts to 25,000, including 5,400 graduate students and doctoral candidates.

Hubei University has set up academic exchange and cooperation programs with about 150 universities and research institutes in 35 countries and regions. It has co-established three Confucius Institutes with the University of Memphis in the USA, Sao Paulo State University in Brazil, University of Sao Tome and Principe respectively, and one Confucius Classroom with Jagiellonian College in Poland. Inaugurated in 2008, the Confucius Institute at Sao Paulo State University (Unesp CI) is the first Confucius Institute in Brazil. It has won the ‘Confucius Institute of the Year’ Award three times (2010, 2012, 2016) and became one of the 13‘Pilot Cultural Confucius Institutes’ in 2016. It is now the largest Confucius Institute in Brazil. Based on this platform, Hubei University and Sao Paulo State University have developed diverse collaboration such as staff and student exchange as well as research cooperation. Read More.



1. The location of Hubei University is really good, with the subway line 7 subway station right in the school. It is very convenient to go anywhere in the city. Nearby is the Xudong shopping district, the Qunxingcheng shopping district, and close to Hanjie, perfectly catering to the needs of girls to buy things!

The campus as a whole is not big. There are no school buses inside the school, and people usually use electric bikes, you can also walk all over the campus in 20 mins. Although it’s not big, it has all the necessary facilities, but there is no swimming pool. If you live in the third phase, it would be convenient to have your own bicycle.


2.i. Convenient transportation, Hubei university convenient transportation needless to say. Within the second ring road, next to the Xudong business district. Backed by Shahu, across the bridge is Hanjie business district. Not far from the neighborhood is the Second Yangtze River Bridge, across the bridge is the Jianghan Road business district.

For the three train stations, Wuhan Railway Station is 40 minutes by public transportation, Hankou Railway Station is 35 minutes, and Wuchang Railway Station is 15 minutes. And all of them are subway, extremely friendly to students with budget.

ii. Student Management, the lights will not go out at night for students, good thing is there is no morning exercise, and it is just so close to anywhere in the city.

iii. Sports facilities, all basketball courts (and volleyball courts) are paved with synthetic rubber, and there are court lights at night, it is very convenient to play sports. (There are also two soccer fields, for this size of the school I think it has been great). The third gym has a lot of table tennis, and the badminton courts are very cheap. The price of badminton is also very cheap, only 1 or 2 RMB per person per hour.

iv. Food and drink, the cheapest cafeteria is in Jia hui yuan, on the first floor. The cheapest cafeteria is on the first floor of Jia hui yuan, where a meal of 6-8 RMB is more than enough. If you want to eat good, the first floor of Feng Hua Yuan and the second and third floors of Tao Li Yuan are very good, as well as the night market of HUBU and the Hou Jie (backstreet), and there are countless takeaways in the neighborhood (Xudong, Hanjie, Crab Point, etc. can be ordered takeaways), which I think is very good at this point. If you want to go out to eat well, as I said earlier, very convenient, for example, Yuan Laoshi, Haidilao, Shu Jiuxiang, fire waterfall pepper and a lot of very good to eat hot pot, are in the walking 30 minutes, a taxi 10 minutes away from the scope of the barbecue stalls, barbecue, stir-fry and so on are countless, too many to list!

v. Library, once the largest and best library among the universities in Hubei, now seems to be after Polytechnic University or which school’s new library. Anyway, the library of the University of Hubei is still quite large, basically always have available seats, there is also air conditioning and hot water, the overall quiet, very suitable for learning.

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