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Recruitment / State Key Laboratory of Marine Resources Utilization in South China Sea of Hainan University Recruits Full-Time Research Staff in Physical Oceanography and Other Related Fields

Hainan University is a university of Project 211 and is a “world first-class disciplines” construction universities. The implementation of the national strategy for the construction of Hainan free trade port provides a valuable opportunity for the development of Hainan University. The speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in April 13 clearly proposed the policy of “supporting Hainan University to create world-class disciplines” and urged Hainan Province to make a major decision to “gather all the resources of the whole province to improve Hainan University”.

The State Key Laboratory of Marine Resources Utilization in South China Sea of Hainan University (hereinafter referred to as MRU) was approved in July 2016, and it is the first state key laboratory for the development, utilization and conservation of marine resources in the South China Sea in China. In order to cater to the discipline construction and development needs, MRU openly recruit outstanding talents in the field of physical oceanography and other fields at home and abroad.


I. Recruitment Field or Orientation

Physical oceanography focuses on waves, tides, ocean circulation, mesoscale eddies, turbulence, mixing, climate change through in situ observation, numerical simulation, remote sensing and theoretical analysis. This discipline is closely related to the earth’s climate, formation and changes of weather, survival and activities of marine organisms, transport of materials and heat in the ocean, erosion and changes of coast and seafloor, and marine transportation activities, etc. The research results are meaningful after being applied in marine disaster warning and forecasting, marine environment safety and security, marine rights and interests protection, marine resources development, offshore engineering, and climate prediction.

Discipline Orientation

(1) Physical Oceanography: research on ocean circulation, dynamics, turbulence, mixing, transport of energies and materials, etc.

(2) Ocean Numerical Model Development and Application: being familiar with international mainstream numerical models; develop numerical models; conduct independent research using numerical models.

(3) Ocean Observation: physical ocean observation; ocean monitoring technology; instrument development and other related work.

(4) Ocean Remote Sensing: research on ocean remote sensing algorithm, inversion and application.

Specialties: physical oceanography, ocean observation, ocean numerical simulation, biogeochemical coupled models, hydrodynamics, environmental science/engineering, mathematics, computer science/engineering or related majors.


II. Positions

. Discipline Leader

(1) Have a senior title (or have the conditions to be recognized as a senior).

(2) Have experience as a scientific research team leader.

(3) Have high academic achievements in his or her own research fields.

(4) Have the experience of presiding over national projects.

ⅱ. Young Scholar

(1) Have a doctoral degree.

(2) Being active and innovative, having high academic achievements and strong scientific research potential in his or her own research fields.

(3) Priority is given to those who have received funding for competitive provincial or ministerial research projects.

 ⅲ. Postdoctoral Fellow

Meet the postdoctoral entry requirements (the detailed information can be found in the following link) https://ha.hainanu.edu.cn/renshi/info/1011/1030.htm


III. Treatment

ⅰ. Discipline Leader, Young Scholar

(1) Title recognition: applicants can apply for title recognition according to the file “Senior Title Recognition Program of Introduced High-Level Talents of Hainan University (Revised)”.

(2) Talent recognition: Applicants can apply for Hainan free trade port high-level talent recognition and enjoy the corresponding treatment such as the settlement fees and housing allowance according to the “Hainan Free Trade Port High-Level Talent Recognition Program” and “Hainan Free Trade Port High-Level Talent Classification Standards (2020)”.

(3) Remuneration: basic salary and benefits plus talent allowance plus incentive performance.

l The basic salary and benefits are up to the title and years of service.

l Talent allowance can be negotiated with the university on a contractual basis.

l Incentive performance is based on research outputs, workloads and research funding.

(4) MRU may reward researchers funds according to their scientific research contribution.

(5) Scientific research start-up funds are negotiated according to the actual needs of the talents.

(6) Employment type: career establishment.

(7) Please contact us for more information.

ⅱ. Postdoctoral Fellow

(1) Remuneration

More than 230,000 a year pretax, including basic salary, living allowance and performance allowance. The basic salary is the daily funding of the National Postdoctoral Association or the daily funding of Hainan Province, and the current standard is 80,000 RMB a year pretax per person (this policy is only for 2 years for a person, and the specific standard is subject to the latest policy of China or Hainan Province); the living allowance is provided by Hainan University and it is 150,000 RMB a year pertax per person (this policy is only for 2 years for a person); the performance allowance is provided by the cooperative supervisor and will be issued by the cooperative supervisor according to the actual situation after the annual assessment.

Full-time postdoctoral fellows can apply for postdoctoral research grants from Hainan Province, and the types of grants include research project grants of RMB 80,000 and surface grants of RMB 50,000 according the latest policy of Hainan Province. They can apply for China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (grants of RMB 50,000-18,000) after entering the station.

If you are successful in applying for the Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program based on MRU, Hainan University will provide an additional salary of 100,000 yuan a year during the postdoctoral period. More details can be seen in the “Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Program”: https://ha.hainanu.edu.cn/renshi/info/1014/2471.htm

(2) Living Treatment

Full-time postdoctoral fellows can apply for housing allowance of RMB 3,000 per month from Hainan University or Hainan Province according to the latest policy of Hainan Province.

During the postdoctoral period, the education of their children will be treated in the same way as teachers on staff in Hainan University.

The scientific research results obtained during the period of station can be declared according to the university’s teaching and research results award.

(3) Postdoctoral fellows with excellent assessment can be given priority to staying in Hainan University to teach.

(4) Other rules and regulations can be seen in the “Postdoctoral Management Program of Hainan University”.


Ⅳ. Application

Please download and fill in the “Hainan University High-Level Talent Introduction Application Form” for discipline leaders and young scholars, or check the “Hainan University Postdoctoral Entry Processes and Materials” for postdoctoral fellows. The materials can e-mail MRU at  mruzp@hainanu.edu.cn, and the email title format is: Position-Professional Orientation-Real Name.

Contact: Ms. Wang 0898-66292367

Address: MRU, Hainan University, No. 58, Renmin Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou, Hainan Province, 570228, P. R. China

This announcement information is valid for a long time until the positions are full. If there are changes in the relevant policies of Hainan University, the applicants should obey the latest policy.


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