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1. Introduction to XIT

Xiamen Institute of Technology is an undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2009, which passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education in 2019. The campus is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China, a famous garden city on the sea with beautiful cultural environment and pleasant climate in four seasons. And with convenient sea, land and air transportation, it is one of the most agreeable places for people to live, study, research, work and start business.

Xiamen Institute of Technology has been selected as “the most beautiful campus in China” in 2020. It deserves the name because it has a park-like campus with fragrance of flowers, birds and trees, strong cultural atmosphere, simple, classic and solemn buildings, elegant and novel garden landscape as well as exquisite and beautiful leisure space, which has won many praises.

The campus’s teaching, learning, training, practice, sports and art as well as living facilities are advanced and complete, reflecting humanistic care everywhere. It is an ideal palace for teachers and students to study, work and live.

Xiamen Institute of Technology adheres to the educational concept of “Cultivating talents with morality and culture”, takes “Cultivating talents for a hundred years, Building a prestigious university of a hundred years” as its educational vision, abides by the motto of “Clear Ambition, Erudition, Self-cultivation and Hard Practice”, earnestly practices modern college education concepts, establishes and implements modern university system.

Specifically, it takes “Liberal arts education, Knowledge (major) education and Ability training” as the direction of talent cultivation, and the ten requirements employers have for talents in the new era as the training goal: “First, personality/character charm; second, lifelong independent study skill; third, organizing and leadership”; fourth, ability to solve complex problems; fifth, critical thinking; sixth, creative and innovation skills; seventh, emotional intelligence; eighth, communication and negotiation skill; ninth, professional and technical skill; and tenth, fine execution/implementation skills. ” The purpose is to cultivate all-round and innovative high-quality talents to meet the needs of economic and social development in the 21st century.

Centering on the goal of “Building a prestigious university of a hundred years”, Xiamen Institute of Technology so far has constructed five disciplines of “Literature, Science, Engineering, Business and Art”, eight academic institutions and 35 undergraduate majors, with over 10,000 students and nearly 1,000 staff. Most majors are based on science and engineering, and others develop in coordination. In order to meet the needs of industry development and social progress, XIT builds and develops new science and technology majors such as computer science, information science, data science, artificial intelligence, robot, intelligent building, cross-border e-commerce, network new media, etc. Every year, over 3,000 undergraduate graduates are sent to different walks of life. Many excellent students are admitted to famous universities at home and abroad to study for master’s and doctor’s degrees, or take up positions in all walks of life to build a better country. The college’s employment rate has always been at a high level. Most of the graduates stay in Xiamen to work, who are welcomed and praised by the society and enterprises.

“Don’t let a student fall behind and let every student graduate successfully” is XIT’s ardent expectation for students and sincere requirement for teaching faculty. It is also XIT’s educational culture and goal of teaching and educating enterprise.

“Universities prepare students for lifelong development. They should cultivate their characters through liberal education, help them acquire science and technology through knowledge education, and cultivate their comprehensive ability through practical education.” During the four-year study in university, students shall swim freely in a wide range of knowledge fields and better understand different subjects’ ways of thinking and methods. The purpose is to enable students to develop skills that can be converted between various fields, be competent for any subject and future career, and adapt to the needs of future social development. Meanwhile, in his/her own private sphere, he/she shall become a gentleman who sincerely upholds justice and sympathizes with the weak, a good citizen who is responsible for society and others.

2. Qualifications

2.1 Identifies with the vision, mission and values of XIT, and devoted to education.

2.2 Competent in teaching and research tasks of related undergraduate core courses.

2.3 Good communication skills, teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

2.4 In good health physically and mentally to perform the duty normally.

2.5 Talent Category

Talent Category


First Category

Doctoral supervisors/tutors, professors with deep attainments in related disciplines and holding doctoral degrees, professors with outstanding teaching achievements and other outstanding talents with high-quality achievements and high-level awards (generally no more than 55 years old and with doctoral degrees); overseas experts, scholars and returnees of the same level

Second Category

Associate professors with doctor’s degrees and professors with master’s degrees urgently needed for teaching and scientific research (generally no more than 50 years old)

Third Category

Doctoral and postdoctoral students with outstanding achievements needed for discipline development

2.6 Vacancies

Secondary Schools of XIT

Major (Course) Wanted

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering majors
(Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Vehicle Engineering)

Electrical Engineering majors
(Electrical Engineering&Automation, Automation)

School of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Data science and Intelligence Engineering

Computer Science majors
(Software Engineering, Intelligence Science and Technologies)

Information Engineering majors
(Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; Photoelectric Information Science&Engineering, IoT Engineering)

General Basic Courses
(Computer Basics)

Science and Engineering majors
(Information and Computing Science, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Intelligent Science and Technology)

General Basic Courses
(Mathematics, College Physics)

School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Architecture majors
(Architecture, Landscape Architecture)

Civil Engineering majors
(Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Civil Project Cost)

School of Business

Management majors
(Financial Management, Marketing, Cross-border E-commerce, Information Management and Information Systems)

Economics majors
(International Economics and Trade, Investment)

School of
Arts and Communication

Music major
(Music Performance)

Design major
(Product Design, Animation)

Communication majors
(Communication, Advertising, Network and New Media)

School of Foreign Languages
School of Liberal Education
School of Teacher Training

English Major
(Business English )

General Basic Course
(College English )

Humanities and Arts Courses
(Chinese Civilization, Chinese Writing and Communication, Western Civilization, English Writing and Communication, Art and Aesthetics )

Social Science Courses
(Logic and Critical Thinking, Psychology, Economics, Management )

Natural Science Courses
(Physics, Life Sciences)

Ideological and Political Courses
(Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Foundation, Outline of Modern Chinese History, Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought and Introduction to the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Situation and Policy )

Information Technology major

Education major

3. Salary and Benefits

3.1 Salaries and benefits provided by XIT

Talent category

Salary range

Research start-up fund

Other supporting talent policies

First Category

RMB 350,000 or more

RMB 150,000-500,000

1.  XIT provides comfortable housing with well-equipped facilities.
2.  Children can study at the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens affiliated to XIT at the most favorable prices.
3.  Competitive salary package can be negotiated for talents specially wanted.

Second Category

RMB 250,000 or more

RMB 100,000-300,000

Third Category

RMB 180,000 or more

RMB 50,000-200,000

3.2 Salaries and benefits provided by provincial and municipal governments

Talent Project

Funding Policies

Fujian Province: Annual Urgently- needed Talents

Living allowance (subsidy): RMB 2,000-5,000 per month (for 5 years)
Housing subsidy: RMB 140,000 to 180,000 (distributed in 5 years)

Fujian Province: Introduction of High-level Talents

Settle-down subsidy: RMB 250,000 to 1,000,000

Fujian Province: “The sea refuses no river” Talent Project

Settle-down subsidy: RMB 1,000,000 to 2,000,000

Xiamen City: “The sea refuses on river” Talent Project

Settle-down subsidy: RMB 500,000

Xiamen City: Newly- introduced Talents

One-off subsidy of RMB 30,000 to 50,000

Xiamen City: High-level and Backbone Talents

Assistance in applying to Xiamen Municipal Government for guaranteed housing

Taiwan Distinguished Experts

Living allowance (subsidy): RMB 200,000 or 300,000/year (the maximum period is 5 years)

Taiwan Distinguished Professionals

Living allowance (subsidy): 25% of the annual salary paid by employer, up to RMB 120,000 yuan per year (the maximum period is 5 years)

XIT shall actively assist in the application if you meet the requirements of relevant talent introduction policies of Fujian Province and Xiamen City. For details of the talent policies, scan the code for further reading.

4.Teaching Faculty’s Benefits

4.1 XIT can directly hire senior professional and technical talents based on their high-level achievements, and provide an advantageous development platform;

4.2 XIT implements an uncapped incentive policy for teaching, scientific research and other tasks that the introduced talents outperform in;

4.3 XIT provides reimbursement for travel expenses and accommodation expenses when high-level talents come to the campus for interviews and exchanges. With confirmation of employment, XIT will give another reimbursement of tolls after reporting of arrival to the position.

4.4 Children’s schooling: children who move with hired talents can attend schools affiliated to XIT in accordance with our preferential policies;

4.5 Household registration files: After signing an employment contract with XIT, the personnel relationship shall be entrusted to Xiamen Talent Service Center as an agent, and the household registration can be assigned to XIT’s collective household;

4.6 Other guarantee benefits and holiday condolences include health checkups and labor union’s travel tours and heatstroke prevention and cooling fees, festival fees, condolences, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, birth gifts, working-year wages and other generous benefits.

5. Application method and materials

Scan the code to fill in your information. Compress the application materials and send them under “Name-Intended Secondary School-Major (Course)-Highest Education Level-Graduate University-Professional Title” to us at

List of application materials (including but not limited to):

5.1 “Xiamen Institute of Technology Application Form (Teaching Post)” ;

5.2 ID card (non-mainland Chinese residents can provide IDs such as passports);

5.3 Professional title certificates;

5.4 Academic degree certificates (students who have returned from studying abroad shall also provide academic certification documents issued by China’s Ministry of Education);

5.5 List of teaching and research achievements and representative works;

5.6 Certificates of honor and other materials that can prove related application requirements are met.

The text of the above materials requires PDF format, and all materials are sorted into one file in order. The applicant is responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials. If the information submitted by the individual is false and does not meet the requirements of the target position, once verified, the assessment or employment qualification shall be canceled.

6. Contact information

6.1 Convenient time: all day

6.2 Contact person: Director Hu of the Human Resources Department

0592-6667511; 18608880772 (WeChat ID)

6.3 XIT address: Xiamen Institute of Technology, 1251 Sunban South Road, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

6.4 XIT’s official website:


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