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Affiliation: Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University

Department: Academic Affairs

Hiring Number: 1-2

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the plan of teaching calendar, academic administration related schedule
  2. Responsible for organizing new student enrollment, coordinate with the teams/departments related to academic affairs
  3. Responsible for the reviews and management of student personal academic plans
  4. Responsible for the procedure of Capstone program (selecting advisors, dissertation proposal, intermediate review, paper review)
  5. Organizes the student’s graduation thesis defense work (the defense secretary management, review and defense reviewer’s arrangement)
  6. Organized degree declaration and review work
  7. Responsible for student files and student status management
  8. Responsible for the arrangement of student academic management regulations and departmental training
  9. Participates in student academic and advisors related information session presentation (Capstone, graduation, student status)
  10. Participates in the management and communication related to advisors. Organizes events as needed.
  11. Support the duties related to courses, faculty affairs and department.

Essential qualifications

  1. At least Bachelor’s Degree. Majoring in Education, Management and Sociology can be preferred.
  2. At lease two-year full-time experience. experience in education institute, and studying abroad can be preferred.
  3. Proficient in English and Mandarin;
  4. Passionate about education. Strong sense of responsibility and team work. Can work under pressure.
  5. Detail-oriented, capability of multi-tasks and trouble shooting.
  6. Proficient in official document writing and Excel.
  7. Can accept overwork during busy season;

Salary & Benefit:

  1. Tsinghua Contract Terms of Appointment
  2. Global and cross-culture atmosphere, working with talent team members


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