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China’s emergence as a principal economic power is reshaping the world political, economic, diplomatic and strategic landscapes. The country’s growing interrelationships and interdependence with the global economy have increasingly been recognized as one of the most crucial phenomena in today’s world.

The Center for China in the World Economy (CCWE), founded in 2004 by Professor David Daokui Li, is a policy research center focusing on policy studies from global perspectives. David, Mansfield Freeman Chair Professor of Economics of Tsinghua University, Dean of Institute for the Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking, and the founding Dean of the Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University, interacts with top-tier scholars and policymakers on China’s political, economic and social issues and CCWE engages in dialogues with international communities and partakes in policy debates concerning China’s development in a global context. Cross-cultural communication is key for our future.

We welcome your interest in joining CCWE, one of China’s leading platform for economic studies/exchanges and enjoy all the opportunities we have to offer.

You are responsible for:

  • Editing and translating academic works.
  • Editing and translating press release, CCWE literature and articles for internal and external use *Managing overseas invitations regarding CCWE’s events.
  • Maintaining and developing relations with international organizations (CFR, Brookings, etc.)

You are required to:

  • have advanced proficiency in the language of both English and Mandarin
  • have academic background in the study of economics
  • have decent communication and coordination skills

You are welcomed to:

*Send you resume to WANG Wei [] for more information.

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