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Founded in 2018, Westlake University is a new, private research university located in Hangzhou, China, with a world-class environment for research and education in science, engineering and technology, and life sciences. We welcome exceptional scholars in all branches of cutting-edge science and technology to pursue an exciting career opportunity with us.

The School of Engineering is devoted to the frontier of applied science research, the pursuit of technological advancements, and the satisfaction of mankind’s scientific curiosity. It aims to establish research strengths that focus on interdisciplinary and emerging forefronts in science and technology and to train the next generation of forward-thinking students.The school currently has (but will not be limited to) four innovative research divisions: The Artificial Intelligence Division, the Electrical Engineering Division, the Environment and Resources Division, and the Materials Science and Engineering Division.

The Division of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a major driving force in modern scientific and social development. Benefitting from advances in deep learning and big data, AI is leading a revolution in information technology and fostering emerging transitions in a broad range of commercial and intellectual realms. AI is already becoming a technological corner stone of our future world. AID is committed to conducting innovative, trailblazing research in the following areas: (1) Theoretical research in data science, deep learning, and human-like learning; (2) Applied research in computer vision, natural language processing, speech processing, and robotics; (3) AI applied to life sciences and other cross-disciplinary explorations made possible by deep learning and other AI technologies. We are engaged in achieving influential innovations in theories and practical applications of these research fields. In addition to scientific research leadership we also emphasize undergraduate and graduate education, with the goal of cultivating the next generation of global leaders through inspiring research problems that will motivate their professional development.

The Division of Electrical Engineering (EE). EE has always been the driving force for the development of our modern information technology society and is the foundation of most advanced technologies. The design and tests of Integrated circuits (ICs) are one of the most representative intellectual achievements of EE, which incorporate interdisciplinary science and engineering fields such as material, device, electronic and optic components. The EE division is committed to lead research activities in the following main directions: (1) Micro/Nano and Photoactive Materials and Devices; (2) Optoelectronics and Hybrid Photonic Integration; (3) Bio/Micro Electronics and Integrated Circuits; (4) Flexible Electronics & Photonics; (5) 3D Printing; and (6) Brain-computer interfaces. In all these areas, our research programs and projects include various stages of original contributions and impactful innovations, such as theory, modeling, simulation, nanofabrication, assembly, test, validation, in vitro and in vivo experiments, clinical tests when applied, and project management.

The Division of Environment and Resources (DER). DER endeavors to address the trade-offs within the Environment-Resources-Human Nexus in a world where dwindling natural resources must meet increasing demands for water, food and energy by a growing human population. Our work focuses on both fundamental research and technology innovation to address these trade-offs for a sustainable future. Our educational programs are designed to equip students with not only knowledge but also skills to lead the future scientific and engineering developments in Environment and Resources.

The Division of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) aims to make significant impact on smart society, sustainability, health and other global challenges. We foster interdisciplinary research for technological and scientific innovations. Our current research focusses on the following major areas: (1) Materials for renewable energy and sustainability; (2) Materials for next-generation computing; (3) Materials for future medicine; and (4) Smart design and process engineering.

Besides, the school hosts two Key Provincial Laboratories:

· 3D Micro/Nano Fabrication and Characterization Key Laboratory

· Key Laboratory of Coastal Environment and Resources

Both laboratories of excellence are supported with additional funding from the Zhejiang provincial government. The school has also established an advanced Micro/Nano Fabrication center, among a few similar major facilities in the world.


Your Opportunity and Qualifications

The Division of Artificial Intelligence (AI) seeks to further recruit exceptional scholars with expertise in but not limited to machine learning and data mining, and applied research in computer vision, natural language processing, audio and speech processing, robotics, and AI+life sciences and other AI+cross-disciplinary areas. We enthusiastically invite scientists with excellent research accomplishments and teaching proficiency working in one or more AI disciplines to join us.

The Division of Electrical Engineering (EE) seeks to further recruit exceptional scholars with expertise in but not limited to Micro/Nano and Photoactive Materials and Devices, Optoelectronics and Hybrid Photonic Integration,  Bio/Micro Electronics and Integrated Circuits, Flexible Electronics & Photonics, 3D Printing and Brain-computer interfaces or related fields.

The Division of Environment and Resources (DER) seeks to further recruit exceptional scholars with expertise in but not limited to Environmental Science and Engineering, Water Sciences and Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Ocean Resources Exploration, Geomechanics and Geotechnology, Environmental Management, Atmospheric Sciences and Technology, Bioresource and Bioenergy, Deep-Sea Technology and Equipment, Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration, and Pollution Control and Public Health.

The Division of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) seeks to further recruit exceptional scholars with expertise in but not limited to Material Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and related fields.

We invite applications for both tenured and tenure-track faculty positions at various ranks.


Tenured faculty: Associate Professor, Full Professor, or Chair Professor

· The applicant should have made world-class academic achievements and hold tenured Associate Professorship (or above) or equivalent positions in world-class universities or research institutes.

· The applicant should be under the age of 55.

· The applicant is committed to working full time at Westlake University upon acceptance of the offer.


Tenure-track faculty: Assistant Professor or Associate Professor

· The applicant should have a doctorate degree and be under the age of 40.

· The applicant should have academic achievements equivalent to those of the Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in world-class universities.

· The applicant is committed to working full time at Westlake University upon acceptance of the offer. The first appointment will be five years.


Salary, Benefits and Start-up package

1. Each faculty member will receive an internationally competitive salary and a fringe benefits package that includes a generous housing option, a high-end medical care/insurance plan for the entire family, and other benefits. These benefits have been designed with references to benefit packages of elite private universities in the US.

2. What makes us special is a unique start-up package for each faculty member that includes long-term and sufficient research funds to support their work of immediate impact and blue-sky research. In addition, Westlake University provides ample laboratory space, excellent shared equipment facilities, and other research supports. Our work follows the premise that with a free exchange of ideas, interdisciplinary collaboration and ample resources, only the “sky is our limit”!


How to apply


Please submit your complete application package including the following materials as a single pdf file in English to talents@westlake.edu.cn. In the subject line please indicate “Name + SoE + Division + Research field”.

· Cover letter

· Up-to-date CV with a publication list and Google Scholar profile link

· Research summary and proposal (3-5 pages)

· Three representative academic papers


Interfolio Links

AI Division: apply.interfolio.com/87472

EE Division: apply.interfolio.com/87473

ER Division: apply.interfolio.com/87474

MSE Division: apply.interfolio.com/87475

1. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt until the positions are filled. If you have not received our reply in 6 months, you are welcome to apply again with major research updates.

2. Please send your queries, if any, on the application requirements and process to talents@westlake.edu.cn

3. This advertisement will be valid, and the positions remain open until fully filled.



School of Engineering, Westlake University

Address: 18 Shilongshan Road, Cloud Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

For more information, please visit: https://www.westlake.edu.cn/


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